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Portable Power Stations

Wilks USA RX545Electric Pressure Washer

The Wilks USA RX545 blasts dirt and grime from paths, driveways, roofs, patios, decking, and vehicles with effortless force, allowing you to complete those tedious outdoor cleaning jobs in record time. The RX545 model was designed with you in mind. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, it comes equipped with a grab handle and onboard accessory storage.  
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Electric Pressure Washers

Röhr SMINI 120NIMMA Inverter Welder

The Röhr SMINI 120NI MMA Inverter Welder uses MMA Arc welding which is ideal for most welding needs, this welder can operate at high altitudes, the open air, and inside and outside environments. The power source offered by this machine is stronger, more concentrated, and produces a more stable arc. Its response is quicker and it can even be adjusted for specialty welding to make the arc softer or harder. It’s compact, lightweight, easy to operate, and includes a storage box for your welder and all of the included accessories.
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