Grand Opening

Established in 2012, Union Mart Ltd launched their online store with a massive range of quality vinyl wrap.

Created by car and motorcycle enthusiasts, they realised the UK market sorely lacked any type of quality vinyl wrap for people passionate about protecting their loved machines.

Their journey began with a wide range of paint protection, shatter proof and a massive collection of car wrapping vinyls. Their solid reputation blew copycats out of the water, and their customers kept coming back for more!


First of Many

As they became one of the biggest online retailers and suppliers of car wrapping vinyl and window tints in the UK, Union Mart quickly moved into their first warehouse. With continued success, and a huge passion for quality machines, it was only a matter of time before they expanded…

man cleaning terrace with a pressure washer

New Products!

As the business grew, so did the product line. People wanted more and they demanded the best. After meticulously choosing the best brands, Union Mart Ltd signs the legal rights and become the sole-suppliers of the mighty Rhino Winch Co and Wilks-USA.


Second Warehouse

With the amazing response to their fantastic new brands, they move into their second warehouse due to massive demand!


Fast Forward To The Present Year

With 6 years experience and a growing team of dedicated staff, they leave their 3rd warehouse behind to take the next step in their exciting adventure and move into their new warehouse, based in Southampton. It seemed so long ago that Union Mart first opened its door back in 2012 under a single car garage roof and now operating out of a 15,000 square foot warehouse everything back then seemed…well out of reach.

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