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Superior Power and Stubborn Reliability

Serious Off-roaders Listen Up!

These mighty orange monsters from Rhino Winch Co, are designed for serious off-roading, self-recovery and professional recovery specialists. They are the powerful industry leaders providing quality winches for the most ultimate recovery needs.

Do you demand the best? Because Rhino Winches have been developed for the serious off-roaders who need their machines to perform under extreme conditions and tricky terrain, time after time.

Rhino have developed their winches for speed, power and reliability with extra features including the 3 stage planetary gears for a smooth and dependable operation. These winches also come with a handlebar rocker switch with in and out for easy use and two bonus wireless remotes!

Supporting Professional Recovery Vehicles With Effortless Power From Our Heavy-Weight Winches!

Rhino offers winches ranging from 3,000lb to 20,000lb monsters. Whether you’re looking to recover quad bikes, cars, boats or trucks, Rhino has the power to get the job done! The Rhino winch is designed to be the quietest and smoothest on the market.

Off-Road Accessories To Get You Out Of A Muddy Situation!

Rhino offers a range of off-road accessories to help you on your journey. A great off-road essential includes the 4×4 recovery tracks with a massive ten ton load capacity!

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