Wilks USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer – 8.0HP 3950Psi / 272Bar


(75 reviews)

Blast away the competition with the Wilks-USA TX750i!

  • 12-month warranty and free to call UK based technical support line
  • Super convenient usability, simply put it in the boot of your car or onboard your boat and this tap or barrel fed wonder will give you high power cleaning in an instant
  • Includes five “Snap-in” nozzles, each one gives you a unique cleaning function
  • Producing ultra-high peak power of 3950 PSI, perfect for cleaning your car, driveway, paving, home, decking and more
  • Features a 8hp 210cc four-stroke engine with stubborn reliability and it’s fuel-efficient so you can keep cleaning for longer between refills

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272 in stock (can be backordered)


Wilks – The Petrol Pressure Washer Market Leader

Using specialised knowledge and high-quality robust materials, Wilks pressure washers always perform as required. Make those tricky cleaning jobs a breeze. Clean the patio, driveway, brickwork, garden furniture, car, bike and so much more.

Unbeatable Performance and Reliability

Wilks is the market leader for petrol pressure washers due to their unparalleled performance and reliability. The TX750i creates high-pressure output from a manoeuvrable unit thanks to its rough terrain wheels and robust handle. The sturdy, tough steel frame ensures that your pressure washer will not let you down.

High-Pressure Output, Low Fuel Consumption

The TX750i produces a remarkable 3950 PSI at 272 Bar from a quality Wilks 4-stroke OHV 210cc Engine. Wilks has created a superior design that outperforms similar pressure washers. The extra power means that you will complete cleaning jobs faster and with low fuel consumption to keep running costs to a minimum.

Quality Brand, Fantastic Reputation

Wilks create their pressure washers with you in mind, making cleaning chores are a breeze – leaving you free to enjoy yourself!


  • Type: 8HP Air cooled Petrol Engine
  • Displacement: 196
  • Max Power (kW): 5.9
  • Starting: Recoil Start
  • Fuel Tank (L): 3.6
  • Oil Capacity (L): 0.6
  • Flow: 11 Litre Per Minute
  • Detergent Capacity: 6L
  • Pressure: 3950PSI / 272BAR
  • Pump Type: Himore Brass Axial Pump
  • Rated Speed (r/min): 3400
  • Weight: 39 KG
  • Dimensions (Boxed): 645mm x 405mm x 515mm

In The Box

  • TX750i Pressure Washer
  • Gutter Lance
  • 20m Hose
  • Turbo Nozzle
  • Drain Cleaning Nozzle
  • Brass Connectors
  • Hose Reel

Fully Loaded – All Accessories

All Wilks washers come with a variety of accessories, included as standard. The straight lance, curved gutter lance, nozzles, turbo nozzle, and self propelled drain cleaner are all included.

When you buy Wilks, you will have everything you need to get the job done.

Variety of Click & Go Nozzles

This comes with 5 ‘click and go’ nozzles, each with a specialised function. The red is for blasting, yellow for stripping, green for cleaning, white for washing and black for detergent application. With Wilks, you will be able to clean almost anything.

Built in 6L Detergent Tank

This pressure washer comes with built in 6 Litre detergent tank. Contoured to the frame, the detergent feature makes light work of stubborn marks, cutting through hard to shift blemishes.

Feed from a Tap or Pond

Your pressure washer is suitable for use almost anywhere with the functionality to be fed with water from a tap, bucket, or pond. A hose and filter system is included to keep debris out and protect the engine.

Robust, Heavy Duty Build

Designed with durability in mind, this pressure washer has a solid steel frame and heavy duty wheels. The automatic stop/start pump ensures that you only get water flow when you need it.

30 Metres of Durable Hose

This comes with a 20 metre hose and an additional 10 metre hose so you can have plenty of reach. With the long reach you can spend more time cleaning and less time moving the unit.

Customer Reviews

75 reviews for Wilks USA TX750i Petrol Pressure Washer – 8.0HP 3950Psi / 272Bar

  1. hughollyaud1958

    I am 100% happy with this product just received it yesterday and today I have done a massive amount of work with it delivery was prompt arrived on time great performance with this machine glad I purchased this one

  2. jonathanbentham

    Great product very happy overall.
    Used few times great results.
    Used a anti moss solution with the detergent tank. Simple to use. Would highly recommend

  3. j.purvis

    Bought this based on plenty of power and wanted to move away from electric as sick of the uprights falling over. All spot on – too much power with one of the nozzles on nearly cut through the decking. Everything much beter than the old K$%$er.
    Only problem is when running petrol leaks from filler – will add another rubber seal.

  4. billymelvin13

    Just received my pressure washer, easily assembled, robust framework and components. Used shortly after assembly, started 2nd pull once I adjusted throttle and washed both car and van, very pleased with soap dispenser and how easily to change nozzles. Would certainly recommend to friends/family.

  5. higgsrichard1

    I bought this to pressure wash mx mx bike whilst at the track and so far I’m extremely pleased with it. I have to use the syphon from a tank option which works spot on. It was extremely well packed and easy to assembly. It also starts really easy. I love all the different nozzle choices! You won’t be disappointed . 

  6. davymacnicol

    This is the last power washer I will have to buy, very easy to assemble, light and very easy to manoeuvre, excellent power washer and not overly expensive 

  7. davymacnicol

    This is the last power washer I will have to buy. Very easy to assemble, light and very easy to manoeuvre, excellent power washer and not overly expensive 

  8. gratty1951

    Easy to assemble. Started first pull. Amazingly powerful. Wish I’d got one ages ago.

  9. timelesslandscapes.uk

    Great addition to our tools. Very easy to assembly, very robust and looks the business.
    The jets are powerful and put all our previous jet washes to shame. Highly recommend

  10. mcmahon80

    My long awaited wilks TX750I arrived today. I ordered it direct from amazon. A little slow on the delivery side, but that was more to do with the courier (TNT) than union mart. Box arrived in perfect order. All parts correct and accounted for. The assembly is pretty straight forward (instructions are abit ropey, but if you’ve half a brain you’ll figure it out)several bolts connect both the wheels and the hose reel. I would say the included tools are pretty feeble. If you have a few decent spanners and a star screwdriver you’ll be fine. Pay particular attention to Useing the plumbers tape for watertight joints. Measure out exactly the required amount of oil (550ml 10w40).please don’t use the wife’s good measuring jug like I did 😂. Fuel her up, and if like me you followed the instructions to the letter, it’ll burst into life on the second or third pull.(total build time for me was about an hour taking my time) Once it’s warmed up it happily ticks over. The power of the jet is quite significant you’ll defo need both hands on the lance. I’ve tried the various nozels in a quick shake down of the unit, and I have to say I’m impressed both in the build, power and specs. All I need now is abit of decent weather to get stuck into various jobs around my house.. Can’t wait 👍

  11. Liam Toland

    great buy and cheap compared to other sites

  12. Andrew Paterson

    Great machine cleaned the paving slabs of 30 years of dirt very quickly and easily .
    More than enough power for my business needs and very well built .

  13. Paul

    Awesome kit, looking for something better than an electric power washer and this is exactly that, fantastic.

  14. Viktor Kalfov

    5 stars for delivery everything was fine with package it’s look like a beast.I will tested in Friday in action and after that I will write another feedback

  15. Duncan Hudson

    Excellent service – fantastic product the packaging was secure and assembly no problems. Bets price I could find.
    Delivery by friendly Dave was also good!

  16. steve vickerman

    Thought i would try a petrol version pressure washer, this item had great reviews. Got sick of crappy karchers.
    Got delivered when said it would, was kept informed for delivery time.
    was easy to assemble. machine started on second pull of cord, fantastic.
    this machine is really powerful, the best xmas present i have ever bought myself.
    thank you unionmart……

  17. claudeon

    très bonne machine …très bon rapport qualité prix …bien lire la notice

  18. Terry Dunford

    Solidly built product that delivers good pressure with a variety of nozzles and two lances to cover all sorts of cleaning jobs. Started on the second pull and chugged happily away while I got on with the cleaning. Assembly was straight forward although a bit of common sense is needed to fill the gaps in the instuctions. I’ll be using it away from a domestic water supply so useful to know it gets through about 10 litres a minute of water where I can’t pick up water from streams and ponds.

  19. Martin

    Great pressure washer! Did my driveway and it looks like new again.

  20. Shaun Boyns

    Delivered super fast, great bit of kit!. Easy to assemble with very easy instructions.
    I have done a few different jobs now which gave it a good test. Concrete cleaning, superb! Timber cleaning, brilliant! Rendering also brilliant! Don’t look any further for a pressure washer with a lot of power, and a very good price.
    Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

  21. Ross Nelson

    Delivered in 3 days two clips missing from the handle however contacted union mart and despatched them 1st class so great service as for the pressure washer it is a beast perfect for large drives and patios and despite some other reviews 10mins puts it together. Highly recommend. 

  22. ian evans

    Brilliant pressure washer delivered promptly, easy to use. Very effective. definitely worth the money.

  23. William Allen

    This pressure washer is such an improvement on other washers I’ve worn out .Easy to assemble & start (remember to turn off water & release pressure in lance) & this machine is ready to impress even the most reticent in double quick time. I recommend this machine above the opposition for performance & price .

  24. Bartosz Wojciechowski

    When I worked as a valeter we have had a great pressure washers available for our work. Later I have started to work as a hgv driver and I have a comparison of pressure washers power as we used them for washing fleet. I was looking for sth that generates satisfactory pressure for my around home works, flags cleaning, car washing, blasting etc.,
    I have used some karchers with around 130 bar generated pressure and was not satisfied. This one is something I EXACTLY was looking for. It starts first time, it’s loud but pressure is just as powerful as I needed. If somebody is looking for a really good washer, this is the one. Price is just right. Especially for what it offers. Look no further, just buy IT!

  25. Bartosz Wojchowski

    When I worked as a vaketer we have had a gresy pressure washers available for our work. Later O have starter to work as a hgv driver and I have a comparison of pressure washers power. I was looking for sth that generates satisfactory pressure for my around home works, flags cleaning, car washing, blasting etc.,
    I have used some karchers with around 130 bar generated pressure and was not satisfied. This one od something I EXACTLY was looking for. It starts first time, it’s loud but pressure is just as powerful as I needed. If somebody is looking for a really good washer, this is the one. Price is just right. Especially for what it offers. Look no further, just buy IT!

  26. john.e.warman

    After being a Karcher man for a great many years I became somewhat disillusioned when my last one ceased working of late after having been returned to the factory for repairs and bits of plastic dropping off etc. Much searching online led me over and again to Wilks USA. I read so many reviews about them, mainly good. I phoned up Wilks USA head office and spoke options through with a chap called Henry, most informed fellow for sure. Long story short I opted for the TX750i. WOW am I glad I did. The absolute power of this beast compared to Karchers is off the scale. It will strip paint so you have been warned. You must use the right attachment for the job in hand. Cleaning the drive was an absolute breeze, a doddle infact. To address the negative reviews I read…unable to attach the pressure hose inside the drum…hmmm…if you look you will see the ends of the drum are attached by 6 screws, undue them, split the drum, attach hose, re-insert screws problem solved, simple. Leaks everywhere…hmmm…as with all high pressure equipment use plenty of ptfe tape (provided) and snug up all threads firmly, simple. Engine doesn’t start…hmmm…follow instructions to the letter, top up both sides of engine with oil as per diagram and she starts first time every single time, simple. Water on last after starting, water off last after stopping…it spells it out in the book! I would absolutely recommend this beast of a pressure washer to anyone, I really would. I haven’t even mentioned delivery yet…here within hours, amazing.

  27. David Harrold

    Wills TX750i – Very Impressive

    After much research I decided to buy the Wilks TX750i and I’m delighted with it. Ordered and delivered in 3 days the machine arrived in a very substantial box which in some way was an indication of the superb quality of the machine it was transporting and protecting. Simple instructions and easily assembled, once filled with oil and fuel it fired on the first pull and was immediately put to work !
    Extremely powerful and haven’t found any marks yet on my cobbled drive it won’t shift.

  28. Philip Parkin

    Delivered on time, easily assembled and up and running without any issues, great machine.

  29. Harry H

    Very powerfull machine and easy to transport, does everything I need.

  30. Max

    Powerfull,that’s what I want.Turbo nozzle just perfect.

  31. gwenjordon395

    Quick delivery. Solid machine. Easy to follow instructions and works very well even on lower power setting.

  32. gwenjordon395

    Very sturdy machine and quite easy to use. Variable power and easy to follow instructions. Delivered quickly.

  33. Shane Aris.

    Excellent delivery within two days.
    Same day received request for Vat receipt.
    Easy assembly without the need of instructions.
    Pressure washer built to a very high unbreakable standard.  

  34. Daniel Perrie

    Awesome bit of kit. Tested out on my drive, really pleased with the washer. Easy set up, no instructions needed. Super fast delivery time.

  35. Daniel Perrie

    Easy set up, no instructions needed. tested it out on my drive, awesome bit of kit! Super fast delivery, item ordered Sunday evening, item received Tuesday morning.

  36. Steve Pate (verified owner)

    My Wilks TX750i Petrol pressure washer was dispatched & delivered quite quickly under the difficult COVID-19 Lock down conditions. The packing crate it came in is very strong with a wooden internal base & a reinforced cardboard lid so the washer arrived without damage. The accessory pack was missing from the order which meant I had not nuts, bolts,axle for wheels or special nozzles but a quick email to the UnionMart support team had this rectified within a couple of days and delivered by courier.
    The pressure washer is assembled very easily with only a couple of parts to add to the sturdy frame and the wheels to fit, all quite simple to do.

    Once I had added the oil to the crankcase (oil not supplied so you will need about 500ml) and added some fuel it started first pull of the recoil starter.

    This is a serious piece of kit and the pressure is
    very powerful indeed, I stripped the paint from my garage door ready for painting in a couple of hours. The engine is quite noisy but nothing more than a petrol lawnmower. There is an engine speed adjustment lever to adjust the water pressure output slightly. THE BUILD QUALITY is excellent and so far I am very pleased, as for longevity I cannot comment as it’s only been a few days but from what I’ve seen so far I think the unit will last well as the Himore pumps are known to be very strong & robust.

    I looked at many petrol pressure washers before buying the TX750i and this is by far the best value for your money. Top grade engine & pump, 30m of reinforced high pressure hose,A sturdy frame with big wheels, plenty of nozzles and exta’s (Drain cleaner & Rotating Turbo nozzle) along with a good customer support make this a must have buy and I recommend it to anyone!

    Manual is downloadable from website.

  37. John Dawson (verified owner)

    Even though recently advertised as a BACK ORDER, my TX750i was surprisingly shipped extremely quickly. What an excellent sturdy, versatile and powerful unit it is. I cannot fault it at all! Well done everyone!

  38. kev

    Great machine but the on off switch has came off and wires  broken, does anybody know where each wire goes or could send me a picture of there switch.
    Thanks Kev 

  39. Robert poyser

    Top pressure washer, good built qaulity, excellent run time , makes light work of cleaning decking and caravans
    Super fast delivery good comms , plenty of attachments , and for a small cost a karcher attachment allows use of snow foam equipment , good value for the money

  40. Lee Hargreaves

    Great product. The quality feels really good and the power of the machine is excellent.

  41. grahamblackwell1

    amazing bit of kit !

  42. John Backhouse

    One of the best power washers I’ve used, east to start and a sturdy frame

  43. Tony

    Works well great value with the length of hose and attachments. 
    Instructions are poor or I missed a section so some thinking is needed when building most the tools there to assemble the machine you will need a spanner and grips to put some pipe connections on, use plenty of the provided PTFE tape and you will have no leaks from fitting. 
    I turned the pull start 90deg clockwise, only 4 bolts… this make the rope and handle come out on the right so it’s not in the way of the hose reel makes it much better for starting.  
    You have to put engine oil in as instructed, there no level on the filler caps so either measure 550 ml or pour it in and the level the engine and the oil level should Settle and  come to the top of the threads, this is important too little and it will start then cut out due to low oil Safty cut out and if you keep trying the engine will seize. 
    Starting is full choke if cold and  either first pull and your away or you have to pull again….but release any pressure in the high pressure water line buy squeezing the lance handle….if you don’t you can feel the resistance against you when pulling again….this make it a lot easier to pull the second time…. I have the water connected as I’m not sure the pump likes running dry.
    There also is a throttle leave so make sure that’s at full throttle for starting….this can be adjusted once running and this will alter your pressure of the lance, but two slow and it might stall when you use. 
    Like it’s been said be aware of you hoses as the exhaust will melt them in a heartbeat if touches it. 
    It seems quiet well built but time will tell, although I was told it has a 2 year guarantee when I bought it?….but seen all spares available at a good price too 

  44. René Terrier

    Très bon appareil – très puissant – longueur de tuyau intéressante pour grandes surfaces – Diversité des pièces d’utilisation très interesante

  45. Dan Bowry

    What a fantastic machine…. Was recommended it by matt and what an awesome piece of kit, easy to assemble, easy to use, the power of this is amazing, we have just started our own business and this paid for itself in the first day, great cuatomer service… Matt you are a legend for getting this out to us so quick despite the back log, highly recommended piece of kit,

  46. David Bull

    Fantastic piece of kit with many variable attachments.
    It will be ideal for use on swimming pool covers.
    Many thanks
    David Bull
    The Nan From Atlantis

  47. Mark Bolton

    Great pressure washer for a reasonable price. we bought this to clean out the drains on our football pitches and it works a treat
    easy to assemble and simple to use


    I like this machine it is powerful yes it takes a little bit to get used to so once you know how to use it is absolutely fantastic it is important that the adjust the pressure of water that is going into the machine if it’s too high it can actually stall it however overall I like to give It 5 Stars as it really is a good machine. Very powerful to get all the stubborn stains from your stones and patios and it’s well built.

  49. Derek Thomson

    Great piece of kit, powers through the work, so glad I purchased and was delivered three days early to boot!

  50. Paulie

    proffessional quality,works like a dream easily mobile and stable during use, without toppling over as with other brands.

  51. Milo

    Had other washers before, but this one is on a different level so powerful does the job in half the time and robustly built if well maintained will last for years a excellent product

  52. Martin s

    Excellent product and service. Can’t fault them. Delivery was swift and easy. The machine itself was easy to assemble. Very powerful machine does the job nicely.

  53. K Abdul

    Came very quickly, easy to assemble although the instructions could be a bit clearer. Easy if you are in the least technically minded, but some may struggle a little. All in all a great package, go for the TX750i with the GREAT addition of a hose reel which makes life much easier. The huge 30 metre hose will be a great boost for cleaning the slabs around the house. The washer itself is much quieter than my old Kraft Stahl and way more powerful. Very happy with my purchase.

  54. Smithy

    I wanted a pressure washer that didn’t need electric and bought this because it can take water from a pond.

    Not used that feature yet but it is brilliant from a hose pipe!

    My only gripe is that the nozzle holder seems to not hold the nozzles very tightly so I put them in a little bag that hangs on the back of the nozzle holder.

    The reel is great and helps a lot too.

    It’s a tad heavy and is not going to fit in a saloon car boot but might in aN estate car.

    All things considered, I like it a lot and definitely recommend it.

  55. Walter M

    Received well packaged no damage, easy to assemble only basic fitting knowledge required plus common sense. Filled with oil / fuel connected to water supply and off I went on my driveway. Started first pull and was amazed at pressure and ease of use.

    Well worth the cost and would highly recommend to all., who are looking for a sturdy well built pressure washer.

  56. Matt

    Well packaged and great build Quality, the manual is a bit basic and could be improved, not sure what the spare fittings are for. The washer itself is amazing, practice with nozzle options first, other wise it may take of more than you intended. A super value product with excellent performance.

  57. Lyndon

    Fast delivery ,great powerful pressure washer and very good value for the money. I had one minor problem, the turbo nozzle did not function properly after about two hours use, contacted union-mart and I received a replacement the next day! That is what I call a great backup service. So a big fat 5 stars from me.

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

    the most powerful pressure washer I’ve ever used. Perfect for my sandstone slabs ! removed all the black spots that even the best Karsher barely touched before. amazing finish and easy product to assemble and use.

    Brilliant machine, well built

  59. M Dickon

    A beast of a washer!

    Very powerful, nice selection of nozzles, especially love the turbo nozzle. Just used it to clean a few years worth of grime from a patio and actually needed quite a bit of effort to hold the lance down. Take care when using a narrow nozzle, this thing will take the paint off surfaces and cut into the surface of timber.

  60. Steve Andrews

    Purchased the Pressure washer for home and work use. Very impressed with the quality and ease of operation. Great value for money.

  61. Barry C

    A fantastic machine,its got enough power to strip paint easily this is the real deal its good on fuel aswel its sturdy and easy to move around

    Its hard to find fault really Im going to buy a surface cleaner for it and alter its attachments to quick release eventually but aftr my first 5 jobs with it im very pleased and for the price compared to others ….u do the maths

  62. Satpal Dhoot

    Very pleased with my purchase. arrived well packaged, was easy to assemble. All the tools to assemble and maintain the machine was a bonus. Would have preferred a colour manual but adequate.

    tried on small areas and found that it works well.

    Very pleased with the purchase

  63. Satpal Dhoot

    Very pleased with the purchase. Arrived promptly well packaged and all in tact. Lots of tools provided to assemble and maintain. Would have prefered a colour manual but adequate.

    used it clean slabs works well, as with any pressure washer best to have waterproofs.

    well made and happy with how it functions.

  64. O’hara

    Fast delivery, item in great condition, have just used it and it is superb – blows the socks of my old electric karcher 🙂

  65. Ian Bunting

    I bought this machine a couple of weeks ago to replace yet another failed Karcher which are obviously not up to the job.

    I`ve just finished jet washing my drive and wood decking and they both look brand new…….the Petrol Wilks USA TX750i really did a fantastic job thanks to its massive power and nozzle choices for the various parts of the job in hand.

    I did however have a couple of problems at first which lead me to call Union Mart technical guys who sorted things out and soon had me going again.

    I cannot rate this machine and the support highly enough.

  66. Philip

    Excellent pressure washer. Used it for over 10 hours now renovating a neglected drive and decking. When used with the turbo nozzle it cuts through crud and rips up moss and weeds. Far superior power compared to my Karcher 6.5.

    I had a leak on the link hose, a replacement was quickly sent by technical service team. A*
    BTW you need to fill with oil and then replace the oil after 5 hours of duty. It takes about 1/3 of a litre.

  67. neil m

    This is my first pressure washer and its nice and easy to use. Does a great job and assembles in under 1 hour.


    Quick delivery and a great product

  69. David Hall

    Purchased TX 750 i pressure washer quite easy to assemble.
    Powerful machine and very easy to move and the 20 m pressure hose is a great advantage.

  70. Desmond

    This is a great pressure washer and value for your money I’ve used it 4 or 5 times now and it’s been great every time very easy to assemble and more than enough power I would recommend this to anyone.

  71. Jamie

    Brute powerful

  72. Kyle

    nice kit for the money .. good operation..

  73. Christine Mitchell

    Really pleased with this machine so sturdy
    really powerful just what i wanted
    great sevice fast delivery
    a strong looking tough machine

  74. Christine

    I was very pleased with the service i got
    great product fast delivery on it
    what more can i say it speaks for it self
    lovely machine

  75. Jenny

    Ordered this and it arrived very well packaged and very easy to assemble! Already used it several times and we’re very happy with it! Would thoroughly recommend, my Husband is very fussy with machinery and if he’s impressed it really counts for something!

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