Wilks-USA RX550i – Our Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washer – 3800PSI

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Destroy chores with the Wilks-USA RX550i – Our most powerful electric pressure washer with 3800psi of pressure. The RX550i has unparalleled reliability and comes with a whole range of accessories including an extra long 26 meter hose so you have almost unlimited reach, an on-board 1 litre detergent tank, turbo wand, patio cleaner and a gutter lance.

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Destroy The Dirt With Powerful Precision

This powerful electric pressure washer from Wilks-USA, makes easy work of those hard to clean areas with a massive 26m hose.

Redefining Electric Pressure Washers

​The Wilks RX550 creates remarkably high pressure. In fact, this is the highest pressure electric washer on the market. When you have 262 bar / 3800 PSI pressure at your disposal, you can complete jobs in record time. The immense power is created by a quality Wilks metal pump and copper wound motor.

1 Year Warranty

All of our washers are manufactured by Wilks-USA, one of the fastest growing washer brands in the world. We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our machines, as well as UK based technicians and an expert technical customer service team on hand to assist with any queries.

Designed to Outperform Any Other Brand

Wilks have created a superior design that outperforms similar lightweight pressure washers when it comes to pressure output. The air-cooled 1800 watt motor delivers the power that you need to cut down cleaning times. Many other brands are manufactured from the cheapest materials such as aluminium wound motors. Wilks only use quality copper wound brush-less motors to offer unparalleled reliability.

Quality Brand, Fantastic Reputation

After many years of designing pressure washers, Wilks provide unbeatable machines that will be sure to keep you loyal to the brand for years to come.

Compact, Sleek Design

Compact, Sleek Design

This pressure washer defines what is possible from such a small and compact unit.

Detergent Spray Operation

Detergent Spray Operation

It is easily filled with any cleaning solution for an extra boost to cleaning performance.

Easy Click and Go Connect

Easy Click and Go Connect

Click and Go means minimal assembly, just take it out of the packaging, set up the lance and hose and away you go.

Easy Storage and Auto Shut Off

Easy Storage and Auto Shut Off

The automatic stop/start motor ensures that you only get the water flow when you need it and the built-in inlet filter keeps the pump clean and operating smoothly.

Extra Long 26 Meter Hose

Extra Long 26 Meter Hose

This comes with an extra long 16-meter hose and an additional 8-meter hose so you have almost an unlimited amount of reach. Also features a 5-meter power cable, with this unit you will be able to carry out your cleaning jobs with ease.

Fully Loaded - All Accessories

Fully Loaded – All Accessories

All Wilks washers come with a variety of accessories, included as standard. The full extended gun and lance, the nozzles, adaptors, rotary brush, patio cleaner and fixed brush are all included. The included fitting adaptors allow you to use your existing accessories from many of the other common pressure washer brands.


41 reviews for Wilks-USA RX550i – Our Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washer – 3800PSI

  1. Hanna Morris

    The ultimate pressure washer, have tried the rest and this is absolutely the best, cleaned the patio and garden paths with ease also brilliant washing the vans and cars it comes with all the bits you need no paying extra for longer hoses, high reach attachment, extra jets or wash brushes it’s all there in the box

  2. christopher clayton

    This is the most powerful pressure washer you can fit on a domestic 13A plug or extension. I have just used it for my block driveway. Quiet and does a very nice job of lifting years of weathering and also lichen. This machine is very well made and a quality product. I used the green fitting for the driveway and this was ideal. You should always run the washer first without power and make sure the water jet is not blocked with dirt. I stored it dismantled and I had a speck of dirt in the washer (Green fitting) Sight it by eye and if you can’t see through use the handy wire sent with the washer to clean it. No problem whatsoever. Run without power to make sure water flows properly. Power up and goodbye dirt! If you are a farmer you might well be advised to go for a petrol powered pressure washer as this is on the limit for domestic use. Great product I really like it.

  3. Wal mackey

    Very powerful

  4. Mark Evans

    First pressure washer and a good choice, really powerful and easy to assemble and use with great results. Easy ordering to delivery all very efficient.

  5. Richard Clarke

    Excellent piece of kit, the item arrived next day, however the hose reel was split.

    Contacted union mart after the weekend and had a new one sent out next day which was easy enough to change myself.

    Really powerful and has decent weight to it so it is very stable. Love the array of extra tools etc.

    Replacing a small underpowered Karcher that failed. This machine is so quite compared to the old Karcher it replaced.

    Glad I made this choice!

  6. ronald woodcock

    Best pressure washer i have used.Very powerful but easy to use. Loads of extras to do different jobs perfect for all jobs around the house and cleaning the car. Great customer service.

  7. James


    Excellent product.

    Built like a tank, with fabulous additions, ie. extensions and varied nozzles and attachments. After lengthy research decided this may be the best pressure washer for my drive. It far exceeded expectations and returned the drive to initial condition exactly as when concrete first laid, showing detailed composition of concrete, having removed years of algae and weathering. Restored colour back to original from progressively VERY dark, to currently very light.
    Visited Homebase and compared this with their Karsher models which appear very flimsy and poor quality by comparison. Has lengthy 26 m. extension hose for additional attachment.
    VERY HIGH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP which is visually apparent.
    Highly recommend this washer.

    I am always wary of other people’s reviews, but you will not be disappointed with this pressure washer.

    Discussed this product by email with seller. They are extremely helpful and courteous.

  8. Nigel

    Sorry it’s taken me 3 days to write this review, but I couldn’t stop, cleaned my push bike ,then my every day car. Then more care needed for my 46 year old classic car, have I finished… No next the patio and with 5 different pressure heads available, only takes a second to change, coloured to help select the correct one. there is a spiral lance, great for the patios tuff marks. and many more. The quality of the hose connections and the hoses are excellent, the motor Quiet as a mouse.. normal pressure washers come with enough hose to reach the end of my bike, not this baby . 6 stars from me.

  9. david mowbray

    Powerful Machine – Highly Recommended

  10. A May

    Excellent pressure washer. It is great the amount of accessories it comes with, there is really something for every task you can think of.

  11. Baggeridge

    Big sturdy beast but wheels along easily enough and with the long hose attachments don’t need to move it much. Used it with a flex hose to connect to outside tap. Brilliant power, cleaned up a patio and path that had been neglected for 15yrs and went from black back to its natural colour. Weed patio attachment awesome, blasted all the weeds from between the slabs, much easier than a weeding tool.

  12. Michael

    I needed a new washer and having looked around this unit seemed good value and with good reviews. Ordered on a Thursday evening and arrived Saturday morning to an offshore location was very good service. Machine was well packed required little assembly before been ready for use.

    A good range fittings are supplied with the unit. Having now run this unit for around 8 hours in total over a number of days I have found it very good on concrete ,pavers and stone slabs it cleans much better than my old kacher washer. I was concerned about pressure drop when using the add on 16 meter high pressure hose but the drop is so little you don’t notice it .

    So overall this seems a good buy time will tell as to reliability.

  13. Graham

    Excellent machine. After struggling for years with less powerful washers, we decided to buy this. We have a paved drive and a patio. This machine needed to do some real work and it did. Very pleased with it and good value looking at the price of some of the other washers on the market.

    The only thing I struggled with is the weight, it is very heavy, but it does have good wheels and also places to wind the cable and put the handle and spare bits of kit, which some other cleaners do not have. Very pleased and would recommend.

  14. David

    5 Star +

    As a very experienced power jetter for the last 27 years from 150 to 15000 psi. I definitely would recommend this power washer.

    It is well worth the money and all the fittings seem to be good quality.

  15. Mo

    So I purchased the RX550 to replace my old pressure washer. I had a choice between this or the Karcher K4 Premium. It arrived very quickly the next day. I have to say that I am glad I made the choice of the RX550. It is incredibly versatile with many easy to use accesorize.

    It was incredible value for money and the extension hose made it easier to keep the machine in one place and easily work in another area. I would highly recommend this product.

  16. Calvin

    I bought this to replace a 10 year old Karcher which seemed to have lost its power. I set this up today and as commented by a couple of people, the instructions are next to useless … there are very few and those that are included are very small and not that clear. Instructions aren’t really necessary although I did have a slight confusion in thinking that the extension hose was actually to be used to connect to the mains water supply but the fact that the connections don’t work like that soon made me realise my mistake. Maybe the UK dealer should put a couple of videos on YouTube to make the obvious really obvious.

    I used the washer for 30 minutes and it’s done an amazing job on my sandstone pavers, those that I’ve cleaned look better than I remember them being when new. The water pressure cleans a section in a single stroke and very deeply engrained dirt comes off by holding the nozzle close to the surface.

    There are loads of fittings that I haven’t used yet and I know there’ll be a few more hours of fun and satisfaction before I finish the whole job. Just watch when you’re playing with this – you will want to – there’s a nozzle that has a very small hole in it and the machine chucks out a tiny jet of water like a laser. I pointed it at my fence and it has ripped a graffiti style swirl in the wood!

    I have no idea on how robust the machine is but it certainly feels much more solid than my old Karcher, nice and hear and metal connections provide a quality feel when putting the parts together.

  17. Isaac

    Like all pressure washers, give it a rest now and then !
    Wow, it’s powerful ! Far exceeded my expectations !

  18. ero

    my buff coloured paving slabs have become very dirty and my existing washer 110 bar wasn’t powerful enough. I was going to try a petrol one but then discovered this one.
    It is incredibly sturdy in its construction and it is oh so POWERFUL. Beats a professional industrial drive washer’s machine my neighbour used. It is also good with brushes and low pressure work. I’ve cleaned up an old teak garden table and it now looks like new. Comes with metres of hose and a brilliant gutter cleaning adaptor. The fittings and accessories are very well made and the nozzles easy to pull in and out.
    A first class piece of kit and would highly recommend.

  19. Kev

    Don’t spray water at people with the red nozzle on, very powerful!

    Cracking piece of kit very powerful delivered on time as the seller said it would be. Replaced the karcher 4 with this RX550i

    So far so good. Don’t use the red nozzle on wood unless your planning on carving something. There’s definitely more power in this little machine than you might expect
    Well worth a 5 star review.

  20. michaelldwhite

    This is a fantastic machine! I’ve had other pressure washers before but none is as easy to use, and certainly nothing I have used before has so much power. Add this to a great price and delivery even earlier than expected has made me a very happy customer! Thank you.

  21. E Belshaw

    A superb powerful washer to deal with any grime on concrete paving, walls and all general cleaning . Also brilliant for car with lots of fittings for different jobs . Love it ! Everything I hoped it would be .

  22. vincent

    Having had THREE Karcher models fail in a very short time, i decided to change make / model and based on reviews bought this model.

    Must say that despite a wheel falling off due to a small circlip coming loose which was easily resolved, the machine is very heavy and had a very well built industrial build quality feel, unlike the cheap plastic if the Karcher varieties. Early days but so far so good.

  23. Reedy

    Excellent piece of kit. Purchased, as had a large amount of pressure washing to do around the garden. Used the market leading pressure washer previously but took forever.

    This pressure washer is seriously powerful and an electric washer and is well made and solid. Have used it a couple since purchase and it cleans the patio with ease. There is a good choice of spray heads and the extension hose is particularly useful as it means I can reach all parts without having to move it around with me. It is also much quieter than I expected. Highly recommended.

  24. Irene K

    It is very well designed and the integral detergent tank is a must.

    I am female aged over 70. I have a great many areas of block paving, low walls, indian stone patios and walkways, decking, fencing etc all of which need jetwashing.

    It has been some time since this was done and there was an accumulation of dirt. A mammoth task and the Wilks-USA RX550i did extremely well.

    The connections are very sturdy and there is a tool for every eventuality. I managed to connect all the parts myself apart from the hose which needs strength. I am very happy with my purchase.

  25. David

    The pressure washer arrived a couple of weeks ago – within 24 hours of ordering, which was impressive. I’ve now had a chance to use this pressure washer and I’m delighted to say that I’ve not yet found anything to disappoint me. It’s a big and heavy piece of kit, but the wheels make it easy to move around. I’m particularly happy with the 8m standard hose which means that you don’t have to keep going back to the machine to re-position it, unlike other washers I’ve used. I’ve yet to use the extra hose length but this will be very useful indeed for pressure washing a 1st floor balcony – previously, I’ve had to carry a dirty, wet pressure washer through the house to do this job – now I can leave the machine at ground level.

    As for the performance of the machine itself, the pressure is certainly high – I’ve only used the middle nozzle so far to clean paths and the driveway, but it allowed me to do this in about half the time it has taken with a previous Karcher. I can only imagine what it must be like with the more focused nozzles, as and when these are needed.

    The additional attachments, and in particular the gutter lance extension look as though they will prove very useful – in fact I can see the washer being used for quite a large number of jobs around the outside.

    In summary, a very impressive piece of kit so far and well worth the money.

  26. Paul

    Very impressed for the money, loads of tools spray heads very easy to swop over with quick release collar, cables and hose both easy to store and wind in, Used to be reluctant to use old pressure wash due to the hassle of trying the hose up after use, The Wilks is a joy to use.

  27. C D

    This is an excellent product. I have been using pressure washers for many years and this is great.
    Came a day early preassembled and very straight forward to use.

  28. Richard

    Over the years I’ve ownd a mid-range Karcher, probably a K5 equivalent, which broken down after several years , a Nilfisk 140 (stolen, about 6 years old) and now this.

    I would rate the Nilfisk last in terms of overall cleaning performance, then the Karcher which was noticeably better at cleaning concrete surfaces, leaving the Wilks top. But it’s not just better that the Karcher it positivele trounces anythiung I’ve ever used so far. I was astonished it got rid of all the weeds on the patio as well as revealing the true colour of the blocks. This was using the ‘dirt blaster’, a conical headed lance. I’ll try out on my car wheels next, black from brake dust, to see if it can match the performance of those sprayers used by hand car washes.

    In the mean time, very pleased so far and great value.

  29. S M Roberts

    I currently have a Wilks Petrol Pressure washer that we use on the house and had been considering purchasing an Electric Pressure washer as it is a little more convenient. Needless to say that the overall quality is very good, the extra hose make things a lot easier and the Pressure washer is pre-built.

    The blast from the trigger is very strong and the range of attachments fantastic. All for a lot less that the market leader. Easily 5 stars.

  30. A Henry

    Dislike, the sketchy instructions showing which lance connected to what etc but after 5 minutes the method fell into place.

    Like, This Jet wash is so solidly built and doesn’t feel light and plasticy like the previous pressure washer I had where the motor just started smoking and gave up the ghost. For example the patio cleaner has solid brass jets unlike on other makes they have plastic ones which on contact with a small stone etc would just snap off.

    Similarly with the lance and hose connections solid brass. The different nozzles are east to change and the power of the jet is outstanding.

  31. Young

    I’m really pleased with this washer. So far I’ve cleaned the car, garden path and outside of the garage and they’ve all come up as clean as I’d like them. I added a Free Tec foam cannon for the car and that worked very well too.

    The turbo wand got rid of all the grime from the garden path and garage and as we’re under the Heathrow flight path, there is a build up over the years.

    Really like the long extension hose which means although the machine is heavy you only really need to put it in one place and leave it.

  32. Terry

    Had a Karcher K2 which was leaking and not powerful enough to strip lichen. Not confident an upgraded Karcher was durable enough and value for money. The Wilks RX550i proved to effective in stripping lichen off paving.

    Features I liked , reel easy to wind in , long pipes allowing wide use without moving, pump switches off when not in use. It is heavy but consequently not likely to topple over. The assembly is not as quick as bayonet fitting but once used to it acceptable. Build quality look good so hopefully it will last.

    Negative points, the instructions could be better. Assembly would have been easier it they stated to firmly locate the couplings before tightening. The patio cleaner is not as effective as hoped bearing in mind the pump output.

    Overall good value for a sturdy unit that seems to cope with big jobs. Not flash design but hopefully will last the time.

  33. Jason

    Raw Power and Quality at a great price!!!

    I did SO much research before taking the dive with this, and honestly waited until I had put this machine through its paces before writing this review.

    I have used a level 7 Karcher before, and a few others too, but in my opinion this wins hands down, and at a fraction of the cost!!!

    The build quality is sturdy, the range of add ons included !As Standard! Are comprehensive to say the least.

    You will not regret buying this product, and the seller, Union Mart, so far faultless, thank you!

  34. Nath

    As described
    Does what it says on the tin

  35. Paul

    Delivery was really prompt, which I hadn’t expected given the size of the unit and the non UK brand.
    I’ve only used a couple of times but impressed so far. Plenty of attachments for the different jobs, worth noting that you only get the high pressure output by using the different nozzles, so to get the highest pressure you use the smallest nozzle. I don’t think it’s as powerful as some of the larger more expensive units I have used (but they were more industrial standard), as far as home units go this seems a good piece of kit.

    The external reel is also good, I’ve used one before with an internal reel but it kept getting jammed and difficult to sort out.



  37. M. Rees

    This pressure washer has once again made life worth living. I have a very large patio which lately, due to my arthritis, had been neglected, and was causing me worry as I was now ashamed of the state of it. What was once my pride and joy was now a mess. Thanks to this FANTASTIC WASHER there is light at the end of my tunnel. It is powerful, easy to handle, easy to operate, easy to manouver , just wish I had not waited so long to invest in a new one.

  38. Josh

    Bought to tackle my aging paving slab patio. Have jet washed it in the past with varied results. This machine restored my patio to almost new appearance. It took a while because my patio is very large and was very dirty, but I couldn’t be happier.

    The machine itself is quieter than any other I’ve used, and very efficient. Easy to set up and manoeuvre because of the large wheels. Great storage for the attachments is also a bonus. Would recommend to anyone considering a top of the range jet washer.

  39. Ted

    This is a great machine. The quality of construction is good -brass fittings not plastic. I initially used it on about 150sm of different stone surfaces and the results were very good.

    Easy to assemble and operate. Complete with all the fittings you need -no extra purchases required for brushes etc.

  40. Adam

    I have had a few pressure washers in my time but nothing comes close to this one.
    I used this product to clean our patio and the results were amazing. also used it to clean the car ,garden furniture in fact you can clean almost anything.

    Totally effortless and quick it just blasts the grime away with ease leaving everything looking like new.
    If you are looking for a new pressure washer then look no further this is the best on the market.

  41. Ian

    Had this pressure washer for just over a month but only recently decided to start using it. I had been dreading having to put it together but thankfully it was all setup and ready to go out the box! All I had to do was pick the tool to use, screw it into the hand gun (very sturdy connections), connect the hose pipe and plug it in.

    Performance exceeded expectations and it seems very robust. Quite a heavy pressure washer but thankfully it’s on strong wheels. Had a Karcher in the past but not going back.

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In The Box

  • RX550 Electric Pressure Washer
  • 1 x Lance
  • 1 x Gutter Lance
  • 5 x Varying Nozzles
  • 5 x Turbo Wand
  • 5 x Hose Lock
  • 1 x Fixed Brush
  • 1 x Floor Cleaner
  • 1 x 8m reel
  • 1 x 16m coiled
  • 1 x Turbo Wand
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Voltage: 240V/50HZ
  • Motor: 3000W (Peak) Induction
  • Maximum Pressure: 3800PSI (262Bar)
  • Continuous Pressure: 2250PSI (155Bar)
  • Rated Flow Rate: 6.8L/min
  • Max Flow Rate: 8.5L/min
  • Hose Length: 8m reel
  • Spare Hose: 16m coiled
  • Detergent Bottle: 1.0L
  • Max Water Temp: Can accept up to 50 C
  • Power Cable Length: 5m
  • Plug Type: UK Plug
  • Max Decibels: 97dB
  • Weight: 30KG
  • Dimensions: 1010mm x 375mm x 365mm

User Manuals

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