Röhr MMA & TIG Welder – HP-200PP-02

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Advanced dual MIG & TIG welder from Röhr, destroys expectations with extensive engineering. This portable welder has the latest inverter technology.

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Refined technology – Röhr power

Advanced “2 in 1” MMA & TIG Welder, destroys expectations with extensive engineering from years of experience.

Exceed your Expectations

Röhr welders are built to last with high quality components that will ensure reliability for occasional or regular users. This welder uses the latest inverter technologies to dramatically reduce overall footprint. Inverters dramatically reduce the power required to weld by increasing efficiency by 30% and they produce a consistent power supply giving you the most stable welding arc.

Perfect for a Wide Variety of Welding

This welder is multi-use so you can weld stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel, copper and other coloured metals.

Dual “2-in-1” Portable Functionality

This welder can be used for TIG Argon Gas or MMA Arc welding and it’s highly portable due to it’s lightweight design. The unit produces neat welds that leave you in no doubt that this high quality welder is designed by Röhr.

Röhr MMA & TIG Welder – HP-200PP

The Latest IGBT Technology

The Latest IGBT Technology

IGBT is a bipolar transistor with an insulated gate electrode. This semi-conducting device is being increasingly used in power electronics because it combines the advantages of two transistor types: the easy controls of the field effect transistor and the fast switching and high breakdown voltage of the bipolar transistor. The IGBT also offers some robustness against short circuits because it limits the electrical continuity

Featuring ARC Force and Hot Starter

Featuring ARC Force and Hot Starter

With ARC Force, the current increases automatically when the arc is shorter. Hot Start automatically boosts the tension at the ignition of the arc, this function facilitates the electrical arc ignition. After ignition, the unit automatically returns to the preset voltage.

TIG and MMA Welding

TIG and MMA Welding

TIG is a welding method in which the arc is maintained through an electrical current supplied from a non-consumable electrode. The arc is protected from the access of air by an inert gas. MMA is electrode welding with a coated electrode.

High Frequency Start

High Frequency Start

A non-contact high-frequency ignition in TIG mode ensures a cleaner weld starting point.

Röhr Welders Come with a Variety of Accessories

When you buy Röhr, you will get the full package with a range of accessories to suit your welding needs. The welder comes with a welding mask, cleaning brush, 3 x ceramic cups, 3 x collets (2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm), 1 x blue collar and a bag to store your accessories. Also the unit has a 1.5m electric cord so you can position your welder in a convenient place.


  • Runs off a Standard UK Plug 240V AC
  • Input Current 32a / Output Current 20a – 200a
  • Duty Cycle 60%
  • Transfer Efficiency over 85%
  • Frequency 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Power Factor 0.73
  • Insulation Grade F / Housing Protection Grade IP21
  • Working Voltage 18V / No-load Voltage 56V / No-load Loss 40W

Choosing a Welder

Choosing the Correct Welder

Choosing the correct welding machine can be a daunting process. Our handy guide below explains some of the
terminology and different types of welders that we stock. This will help you to select the correct product that will be
fit for purpose for your specific welding tasks.



Traditional welding technique using a flux core. Simpler than other kinds of welding and quick to learn.

Suitable For:

  • Steels (non-Alloy)
  • Iron
  • Can be used for Aluminium, Copper etc


Uses an inert gas shroud around a continuously-fed reel filament to melt and join surfaces. Faster than TIG, suitable for most welding applications

Suitable For:

  • Aluminium
  • Steel/Stainless
  • Most welding applications


Uses a tungsten filament rod with inert gas shroud to melt and join surfaces. Produces a strong and higher quality weld than MIG.

Suitable For:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Thinner Metals
  • Fine Joinery


Reacts with the weld to produce less spatter or burn-in.

Suitable For:

  • Stainless Steel
  • High Strength Joins
  • Aluminium & Other Steels


Most recent technology using capacitors. Stores high voltages for steady release

Suitable For:

  • Multi Purpose TIG/MIG
  • Micor Controlled Current
  • Highly Efficient

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1 review for Röhr MMA & TIG Welder – HP-200PP-02

  1. Anonymous

    I bought this welder to replace my 40-year-old buzz-box which was producing some very untidy welds. To be fair it’s done more than its share and was due to be pensioned off.

    I also wanted the facility to do TIG welding, so scoured all the ads on eBay for IGBT welding sets (as distinct from LGBT ones . . . 😉 )

    There are IGBT welders out there from a very low price – I think (and hope ) that these are the ones which attract all the scorn on welding forums and YouTube. They do claim to be capable of TIG welding, but a lot of them don’t include the TIG torch (essential for TIG welding and can cost an extra £60 – 70 for a basic one . . . ) They also require the ‘scratch-start’ technique which can cause contamination of the weld, so I was really looking for HF start machines.

    This meant moving up the price scale to £130+ and even then they didn’t all include the TIG torch. I eventually arrived at this machine from Union Mart which finally ticked all the boxes for me – and as an unexpected bonus ticked a box I didn’t know I needed ticking. It has a pulse feature which prevents building up too much heat – say at the edge of thin sheet.

    I placed my order and was given a projected delivery date of two days from the time of placing my order. I was sceptical of this but wouldn’t really have minded if it had taken longer. I received regular updates from the company and the courier (UPS) – I had a text message at 07:30 on the appointed day giving a time slot of 13:30 – 14:30 and the courier arrived at 13:37; well within the target time. Nice polite driver too.

    On opening the box I was amazed at the size and weight of the machine – my old 180A welder weighed 75 lbs and took up a fair bit of space but I believe that this one is about 20 lbs from what I’ve read and I can keep it on a shelf in my workshop.

    It’s fitted with a UK 13A plug, so although I have a 32A socket I plugged it into the 13A supply and tried it – would have been rude not to. I could only put my hands on a 3.5mm 6013 electrode which I would normally run at 115 – 125A on my old welder but as I was only on a 13A supply I wanted to keep the mains draw low so started at 80A. To my surprise it actually managed to strike and maintain an arc but on inspection the weld was stringy so I increased the current for my next try. It was happy at an indicated 100A and made a very nice fillet weld on 10mm plate.

    All this time I’d been putting up with messy welds from my old welder and blaming myself (getting old . . .) but all the time it was the welder. Very impressed, although I haven’t done any welding with it in anger, only a quick trial run.

    As I don’t have any pure argon gas I’ve yet to try the TIG function but am hoping to get some in the very near future. There’s a neat little TIG torch with the kit so I don’t even need to buy one of those. There’s also a welding mask (of sorts, to be brutally honest . . . ) and a scratch brush. The mask is totally unsuitable for TIG welding (unless you use your third hand . . . ) but I suppose it would do for MMA welding at a pinch. I’ve got a fancy auto-darkening mask of my own so that’s not an issue for me but it could be a problem if you were expecting to start TIG welding straight away. But I expect most people who want to TIG weld would have a suitable mask anyway.

    The only negative thing I can actually think of is that the MMA torch lead and the earth lead are ridiculously short at about 2 metres – I’ve used mega long leads for many years so will make or buy the male probes to fit them to this machine. Oh, and where most of these new generation welders have a digital amps display, this machine has none. But neither did my old machine, and I used it for 40-odd years without any problems.

    Very pleased with my new purchase and up to now would recommend the company and the machine to anybody.

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