Röhr Car Battery Charger – DFC-50P – 45 Amp 12v/24 Trickle & Fast Charge


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This Rohr car battery charger features Advanced trickle charge, fast charge and pulse battery repair technology. 

This charger operates on a single-phase DC current and will charge nearly all leisure, automotive vehicle and domestic batteries.

The easily accessible fuses and inbuilt safety features mean you can be sure of complete safety, protection against surges, charge-back, inversion and faulty batteries. Every Rohr Battery Charger is built with overheating and overcharge load protection as standard.

Röhr Battery Chargers are loved for their simplicity and portability. A self-contained system means you can just ‘grab n’ go’ without searching for wires and clamps which are neatly stored within.

When it comes to designing and manufacturing battery chargers, Röhr has extensive, unparalleled knowledge. We combine breakthrough technologies to produce some of the most advanced chargers on the market.

Whether it’s charging a car battery, motorbike, or an HGV, there’s a Röhr for the job and a Röhr for you!

With guaranteed expert support from Röhr qualified staff, we have your back should you have any questions.

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Highly Advanced to Charge Almost Any Battery

Röhr battery chargers are built to last with high quality components. With advanced power circuit design, you get superior efficiency from a compact, light unit. This charger operates on a single-phase DC current and will charge nearly all leisure, automotive vehicle and domestic batteries. Whether it be a battery for a lorry, van or car, this charger will do the job.

Charging with Confidence

The easily accessible fuses and inbuilt safety features mean you can be sure of complete safety, protected against surges, charge-back, inversion and faulty batteries.

Standard Charge or Jump Start Mode

This charger is designed so that you can either charge a battery, or use the unit to initiate a jump start on your vehicle. So many features all packed into a transportable unit and the chassis is metal so it’s durable and built to last.


  • Input Voltage: 240 V
  • Output Voltage: 12v / 24v
  • Charging Current: 20A / 30A DC Single Phase
  • Max Charging Current: 45 A
  • Function: Standard Charge & Jump Start Modes
  • Trickle & Fast Charge Speeds: Yes
  • Pulse Battery Repair Technology: Yes

In The Box

  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 2 x 3A Fuse
  • 2 x 15A Fuse
  • 2 x Clamps (built in)

Highly Advanced to Charge Almost Any Battery

Older batteries can lose their ability to hold charge due to becoming sulfated. This charger features highly advanced pulse rectifier technology that actively repairs this damage. This will maintain your battery so it will continue to hold charge over time and it can repair most older batteries back to full health.

Compact and Robust

This charger is designed with so many features all packed into a small, transportable unit. The chassis is metal so it’s durable and built to last.

Trickle or Fast Charge Switch

Whether you need a trickle charge to maintain your battery at a rate equal to its self-discharge rate, or a fast charge to get your flat battery up to full charge rapidly, this charger will meets your needs.

Customer Reviews

44 reviews for Röhr Car Battery Charger – DFC-50P – 45 Amp 12v/24 Trickle & Fast Charge

  1. steve white

    Sturdy well built sorted my V6 merc diesel battery out no problem

  2. Sara Cicconi

    Ottimo prodotto, arrivato prima del privisto. Assolutamente raccomandato!

  3. Sara Cicconi

    Charger arrived well ahead of delivery date. Its built to last and it was really well packed. I used it straight away and it works perfect I will never have another flat battery.
    I would certainly recommend this charger.

  4. Johan

    Très bon produit conforme à la description je recommande ! Efficace 

  5. John booth

    Charger arrived well ahead of delivery date. Its built to last and it was really well packed. I used it straight away and it works perfect I will never have another flat battery. I was hoping the jump start option would work without being plugged into the mains but that was expecting too much of this great product. I would certainly recommend this charger.

  6. Robert Stickland

    Well made and sturdy, easy to use and does what it says on the tin!

  7. O’Neil, K

    Got it on time and set it up. Battery charged marvelously.

  8. Ady S

    Fast delivery, tested the jump start on my old tractor with a dead battery and got the old girl going. Only negative would be the connectors where only just large enough to fit the battery terminals when connected to vehicle.

  9. GVP

    This charger is well constructed and works well and feels like it will work for years. Note that it does not automatically switch over from normal to trickle charge. You have to manually switch it over.

  10. Gary S

    Super fast delivery and well informed, bigger than I thought but that’s a good thing , battery charged in no time

  11. Aves

    Heavy enough to be robust but light enough to be Portable. Great to use with my Motorhome with easy to follow instructions Quality Product.

  12. B.Q.Bamford

    Brill machine. Sturdy and robust. I have a mobile workshop with 2x6v 260amp. This charges them up lovely.

  13. J.S

    Fires up my V8 with a flat battery and charges the battery enough to work itself in 20 minutes.

  14. Andrew R

    Purchased to replace a 25 year old 25/100 amp charger/starter, which was never able to provide enough current to assist a jump start! The DFC-50P is a chucky beats with a rating of 45/130 amp charge/starting and unlike my old charger will provide enough current to jump start. Its well made with a steel frame and should last a good few years. Highly recommended.

  15. Derek B

    Wow, just what I needed the Vectra battery was dead flat. Hooked it up, charged for 1 hour, set to jump start & the old girl fired up.

  16. Jason C

    Charger is very sturdy, good piece of kit, instructions are clear to set up charger and use, though i would have liked more information on how charger operates . Ammeter will take some getting used to but overall a good charger. I have a classic american vehicle with a heavy duty battery. Other charges fail to charge battery to 100%. I like the added pulse rectifier boost battery repair option.

  17. P Webb

    So pleased with this battery charger. I’d never heard of the make however that doesn’t matter, what matters is the charger is a very solid, very well built piece of kit which does exactly what it says on the tin. I am so pleased with my purchase. Excellent value for money

  18. Alan Buckley

    I don’t mind paying for a really well-made quality product, this has surpassed all my expectations without a doubt! I would definately recommend it.

  19. Colin S

    Compact dual voltage unit most suitable for any garage/workshop.
    Three settings, min, max and a special lmited use jump start button
    Mains on/off on rear of unit.

    Heavily enough rated for most family saloon cars without being overly heavy.

  20. Steven L

    A really straightforward product, no unnecessary parts or ‘functions’ and the fact all the leads are hard-wired and fit inside the case (just about!) makes it compact and tidy.

  21. Rainbow1

    Having tried many cheaper chargers over the years and reading the reviews of others I took the plunge and bought it. Bought it on the Wednesday pm and it arrived early Friday Morning.

    The charger is rugged and in a metal case with plastic trim, you can do a trickle or turbo charge. Charged my flat battery extremely quickly. Hopefully I wont need to purchase another charger.

  22. Alan O.

    Garage car has sat for 6 months just to busy to start it all the time.

    My RAC battery charger was on for 3 days and still not charged properly. The battery is less than a year old so looked at the reviews and purchased it. Well what can I say … charged it to 13.4volts within 1.5 hours no bother at all charged my other old battery from flat in 2 hours.

    Very impressed quick and batteries holding the charge.

    Would put my name against this bit of kit.
    Alan O.

  23. Oliver

    Built like a tank. Easy to set up and use. Great results. Highly recommended. Given the variety of car battery types these days, the user-guide could have a little more explanation on suitability for the different types.

  24. Bill – Hampshire

    The battery charger arrived early. It is extremely robust, I was quite surprised how heavy it is but I think that is a good sign. The charger quickly regenerated my campervan battery on the day it arrived. The cable storage is useful, just be careful when you put cables away that you do not reset the switches above the storage – as I did! A good purchase.

  25. Hammerton

    On fast / max charge it’s charging around 16V and believe this will give a battery a good boost, especially for the winter, bigger than I thought it would be, and sure the jump start will be handy if every required. Good price for this product, now attempting to liven some flat batteries, see what happens.

  26. a3gcr

    A1, great product and service

  27. Roslyn Hill

    It arrived with in 2days of ordering. Well packaged. Charged two batteries perfectly. Started flat batteries on our vintage bus. Great product will definitely recommend to others.

  28. John W

    Having had cause to use the charger twice in a week due to an old battery (now replaced) it worked wonders.

    Easy to use and on fast charge it was excellent as the car was useable in under an hour. If you are in need of a battery charger this is the one.

  29. cameron r

    I did quite a bit of research before buying a battery charger/starter for my old Volvo Amazon. The specs for this one seemed to fit the bill. Arrived really well packaged and it is quite heavy. Needed to jump the car so connected up and flipped the switch to ‘jump’. Three goes and after three months standing the car started.

    was really pleased with this charger and I get the feeling it’s built to last. Good value and I’m not surprised they’ve sold out. Thank you Union Mart.

  30. A. S

    Hooked up an old battery that had been discharged, replaced and had been in my shed for ~3years uncharged. Thought I would give it a go, nothing to lose.

    After 3 hours on max charge I replaced my current discharged battery and my Vw golf GTI 1.8T started first time! Brilliant! Charging up the newer battery and hoping for same result. Time will tell if battery has been “repaired”.

  31. Tony B

    This is a very robust item – it looks built to last and put up with a bit of handling. It has good strong leads that fit neatly into its case. It arrived on time and as described and seems to do what it is required.

  32. Samantha C

    Arrived quickly. Well packaged.
    My husband has a 20year old 3lt. Jaguar. It is his pride and joy But after having a digital music system fitted it keeps flattening the battery. (It is only driven once a week).

    This product is wonderful he just plugged it in set to jump start attached to battery waited a few minutes and car started first time. He is very pleased. It has been used a number of times , no problems.

    Would recommend.

  33. David B

    Well packaged and presented, arrived earlier than stated – very handy.
    I have not had the item long term yet, so thoughts and opinions about reliability would be previous.
    It did however recharge a dead battery, still fitted in the car, within the hour. Very pleased with how straightforward it is to use, with the sturdiness of the design etc.
    The cables and croc clips aren’t the best, the power lead is fine and the item is heavy and robust. I’m very happy regarding the value for oney so far but only time will tell.

  34. Chris Masters

    Next day tracked delivery. Well packaged. Great quality product. Great customer service. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Many Thanks.

  35. Adele R

    The item was delivered 2 days EARLY
    the charger was packed properly by people who know what they are doing.
    Plugged it in and works as expected, does exactly what I want, easy to use robust piece of kit.
    Would I use this supplier again, YES.

  36. Timoth B

    Excellent from initial tests.

    Nice and compact, and not too heavy, considering the maximum charge rating. Very simple to use, with few, but adequate, control options. I’m pleased with the carrier, to the front of the device, for all the leads, which I hadn’t realised it would come with. Now I look at the picture again though, I can see that it was shown. Time will tell with regard to longevity, but initial assessment suggests it’s made well enough to last.

  37. Daven

    This charger is a superb bit of kit and I am confident it will give many years service. It is very sturdy and easy to use, also I like the safety features it boasts.

    As for the seller, you won’t get better service. Charger arrived within one working day, and was very well packed. I would not hesitate to buy from this seller again.

  38. Gary T

    Excellent Charger at a great price, very quickly recharged my battery. I have been using a CTech MXS 5 which can take up to a week to get the green dot back, this charger took just a few hours. Ordered on Boxing Day and arrived early on the 28th, awesome delivery. First time I have bought from this company, will definitely buy again.

    The only thing to note is that the instructions say the battery must be detached from the car when charging, which is a pain because my car loses its programming, the CTech can charge in situ.

  39. Sharon white

    This was the best investment, really didn’t know small chargers didn’t charge completely, now my camper had full charged battery and the jump start feature was so beneficial last week when I didn’t have to try and find someone to help me jump start . A brilliant idea

  40. Mark Adams

    Came next day, charged dead battery completely in four hours. Excellent product and excellent value. Would recommend.

  41. Kevin D

    Great product and arrived very quickly

  42. F Cornish




  43. Bryan Adams

    Charger arrived day before expected. Great product and great service.

  44. Stewart C.

    Great value, quick delivery, fantastic quality charger. Excellent service all round. Many thanks

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