Röhr DFC-10P Intelligent Battery Charger – 10 Amp 6V / 12V


(15 reviews)
  • 12 month warranty and free to call UK based technical support line
  • Turbo and trickle charge modes for charging car, bike, boat, HGV or smaller battery units
  • UK 3 pin plug mains powered, portable design with all wires and clamps stored within the unit
  • Can be used for almost any leisure, automotive and domestic charging

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When it comes to designing and manufacturing battery chargers, Röhr have extensive, unparalleled knowledge. They combine breakthrough technologies to produce some of the most advanced chargers on the market.

Whether it’s charging a motorbike battery, or a HGV, there’s a Röhr for the job and a Röhr for you!

The DFC-10P Gives you Röhr Quality

Highly Advanced to Charge Almost Any Battery

Röhr battery chargers are built to last with high quality components. With advanced power circuit design, you get superior efficiency from a compact, light unit. This will charge nearly all leisure, automotive vehicle and domestic batteries as well as most battery types such as lead-acid or calcium. Whether it be a battery for a car, motorbike or lawnmower , this charger will do the job.

Charging with Confidence

The easily accessible fuses and inbuilt safety features mean you can be sure of complete safety, protected against surges, charge-back, inversion and faulty batteries.



  • Input Voltage 240V, Output Voltage 6V / 12V
  • Charging Current 5a / 8a, DC Single Phase
  • Pulse Battery Repair Technology
  • Automatic Overcharge / Overheat Protection
  • Trickle & Fast Charge Speeds
  • Standard Charge & Jump Start Modes
  • Heavy Duty Durable Metal Chassis
  • Standard UK 3 Pin Plug

In The Box

  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 2 x 3A Fuse
  • 2 x 15A Fuse
  • 2 x Clamps (built in)

Highly Advanced to Charge Almost Any Battery

Older batteries can lose their ability to hold charge due to becoming sulfated. This charger features highly advanced pulse rectifier technology that actively repairs this damage. This will maintain your battery so it will continue to hold charge over time and it can repair most older batteries back to full health.

Compact and Robust

This charger is designed with so many features all packed into a small, transportable unit. The chassis is metal so it’s durable and built to last.

Trickle or Fast Charge Switch

Whether you need a trickle charge to maintain your battery at a rate equal to its self-discharge rate, or a fast charge to get your flat battery up to full charge rapidly, this charger will meets your needs.

Customer Reviews

15 reviews for Röhr DFC-10P Intelligent Battery Charger – 10 Amp 6V / 12V

  1. Tara Jones

    Purchased via Amazon from Union Mart. Quick delivery. The battery charger is easy to use. Already had its first use. Would recommend.

  2. refsharpe

    My order was delivered promptly and securely and well packaged.
    The product is very robustly built to last and I was impressed with the extra fuses included. It is very easy to operate and I am highly delighted with the product
    Richard Sharpe

  3. David Pygall

    Having constant problems with the battery on my Bentley, I purchased 3 chargers before finally purchasing this one!

    Best purchase I ever made – the charger lives up to its expectations in every way.

  4. malcolm clayton

    Arrived promptly well packaged. The description of the charger is very true, steel casing has a Orange plastic pocket fixed on the front to keep the generous length leads in place. Built to last physically and more than capable electrically. Very good product.

  5. Nigel

    Very pleased with this robust charger.
    Quick – charge facility has been used a few times already.

  6. peter lenz

    use the charger weekly to charge my 360 Ah 12 v battery bank. Needs 8 hours to bring the bank from 50% back to 100%

  7. Ryan

    I nice tidy and compact unit which worked perfectly for the job. I like the fact all the switches are at hand and easy to change the fuse and tidy the cables.. All you need in a car battery charger and happy with the price so overall I can highly recommend this battery charger ????.

  8. Anthony Mansfield

    Top Marks and well deserved.
    My DFC-10P Battery Charger arrived a day early – in 5 mins I had it hooked up and set to trickle charge. A couple of hours and had my car starting. I could have used fast charge but I was not going anywhere as we are all in lockdown. Super product nice casing and simple instructions if you needed them. Started charging at 10 amps then settled down to just over 5amps.
    Thanks for a great product.
    20 April 2020

  9. Philip G. Gavin

    Very neat unit, simple to use, good looking. Delivered a day earlier than promised. All excellent, will be ordering another when I get paid. Fantastic product and service. Cheers

  10. Roy

    Purchased this charger yesterday and received it by parcel post this morning before midday. It looks and feels lie a quality item. The instructions are simple and the leads are a good length while the clips are well insulated and of sturdy construction. This is my first purchase and it seems like it is a quality item at a very competitive price. Very pleased.

  11. Trevor

    I purchased this charger last week and i had great success in charging an old battery that had been stored in my parents garage for 3 years. This was an excellent purchase

  12. Denise Bowes

    Bought this for grandson last Christmas as he was driving in heavy traffic in the dark. Only just got back to me, the charger was invaluable last winter and makes the prospect of the next winter far less intimidating. Excellent value for money.

  13. Steve Penk

    This charger looks and feels like a quality unit.
    I have purchased a couple of chargers in the last three years, both have now failed through what seems to be a faulty connection within the charger so I have spent a little bit more than I normally would and ended up with what would appear to be a far superior product. The power cable and the charging leads are a good length, strong clips are fitted to the leads and most importantly it charges well.
    First time purchase of a Rohr product, pleased.

  14. Chris miller

    Very good charger, strong construction and robust

  15. Chris miller

    Very good charger strong construction and robust

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