Rhino Synthetic Winch Rope – Clevis Hook & Hawse – 11.5mm x 100ft


The ultimate Rhino synthetic winch rope for your 4×4 adventures!

Rhino are serious off-roaders. The industry leading power of a Rhino Winch makes it tough enough for any task. Rhino Winches finds pride in its reliability and their expert knowledge of the industry makes Rhino the ideal choice for your needs.

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Rhino, the courageous orange beast, designed to tackle the greatest off-road adventures with its superior power and stubborn reliability.

Dyneema is the material of choice for any task. It is one of the worlds strongest and lightest fibres, this is due to the molecular structure of said fibre. Because of the strength of Dyneema it has countless uses for any kind of scenario.

The pros to Dyneema are endless; from its overwhelming strength, Dyneema on average is 15 times stronger than steel wire as well as 8 times lighter than steel. It is water resistant meaning it will not degragde or loose any of its strength in wet conditions along with the fact that Dyneema can float on water due to its low specific gravity.

Rhino 12v Vehicle Electric Crane & 3000lb Winch – Over 1 Ton

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