Rhino 4×4 Recovery Tracks – Off-Road Traction Boards


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The ultimate Rhino 4×4 traction tracks for your 4×4 adventures! Up to 10 ton for the best recovery tracks with enhanced designs for mud, snow & sand!

Rhino are serious off-roaders. The industry leading power of a Rhino Winch makes it tough enough for any task. Rhino Winches finds pride in its reliability and their expert knowledge of the industry makes Rhino the ideal choice for your needs.

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Rhino, the courageous orange beast, designed to tackle the greatest off-road adventures with its superior power and stubborn reliability.

Rhino Winch Co. are long established as class leaders in the automotive sporting industry with a rich heritage in 4×4 and off-road accessories. Rhino Recovery Tracks, with enhanced design features, provide a fast and effective way-out for stranded vehicles. Interlocking and lightweight, they are easily stored together ready for any eventuality.

With an incredible 10 Tonne load capacity, thanks to a unique blend of materials and design, most vehicles sit comfortably within the Track’s capabilities.

Easily stored and carried thanks to large handles and interlocking pattern. Anchor Points secure Tracks for extra grip.

Gain the courage to go beyond. Explore new grounds with confidence. Rhino Tracks are ready to take you further with ultra durable materials and design features, getting out of trouble has never been so easy!

Ideal for:

  • Mud Overcome zero-traction situations.
  • Sand Can be impossible to navigate without Recovery Tracks.
  • Snow Slippery and compacted snow is easily traversed allowing freedom from the snow.
  • 4×4 Off-Road With extreme grip and durability, overcome extreme areas with ease
  • Boating Used to gain traction on slipways, deploy and load without the risk of your trailer sinking
  • Caravanning With thinner wheels and high load, getting stuck can be a common occurrence. Easily stored and deployed, Rhino Ramps will prevent getting stuck whilst protecting the ground beneath.

Rhino 12v Vehicle Electric Crane & 3000lb Winch – Over 1 Ton

Customer Reviews

17 reviews for Rhino 4×4 Recovery Tracks – Off-Road Traction Boards

  1. Adam Fradgley

    Quality product – backed up by great customer service – UnionMart a company that really helps its customers! Thanks

  2. Mrs Sue Letherby

    Arrived today , very impressive . come in handy bag. Look like they will do the job and very prompt delivery.
    Sue L

  3. KJM

    Tracks arrived and I am well please with them, much more than I expected and very easy to use. Just in time for winter 🙂

  4. Molly H

    very little bend when using these as a ramp, very impressed

  5. SIMON M

    Well worth spending the extra money on these then going the cheaper route and ending up with garbage.

  6. Barry Andrews

    Greta value for money, my only complaint would be I needed some clearer instructions on how they are supposed to be used.

  7. Sam keeys

    Fantastic pair of tracks and surprisingly light considering how strong they are.

  8. Russel Cameron

    F@#%ing Sturdy!

  9. David Booth

    I was looking for heavy weight metal boards to do this job, I was delighted to find that these light weight plastic ones can carry up to 10 tonnes.

  10. Daniel TM

    Only giving 4 stars as they originally sent me the wrong colour, but to Union Mart’s credit the correct ones were sent out immediately. So far so good!

  11. Dobby H

    I was struggling to decide whether to get these or spend a little more and get some Max Trax and eventually went for these because of the cost.

    Although I can’t comment on whether these are actually better than Max Trax so far I have no complaints and these have already got me out of a few sticky situations. Brilliant performance so far.

  12. Oliver S

    Just as good as my old pair of MaxTrax but a third of the price

  13. Kyle D

    Great value – Very sturdy and well made – fit into one another for storage. I’d say they are equal to some brands costing double!

  14. Jeffrey Q


    Everything went smoothly. Happy Customer

  15. Linda and Paul

    very sturdy and very quick delivery.

  16. R Whitefield

    Great quality, sand, mud tracks. Highly recommend these tracks. I’ve got bogged down a few times in my Defender and had to get the shovel and winch out. I got stuck in river mud. The worst ! river Severn, estuary grey s–t. With no anchor, or winch point. Without these Rhino tracks, I would of been there hours digging out and putting tree branches under the tyres

    Ordered, bought. Arrived next day Tidy. ????

  17. Jan Cavalli

    Quick delivery, very nicely made, I can only imagine owning these forever! highly recommend for #vanlife Adventure.

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