Ashdown Oakmont Realistic Premium Artificial Grass 15mm – 40mm


  • Unrivalled 15 Year Guarantee
  • Environmentally Friendly – Ultra-low shedding rate protects the local environment
  • Realism Anywhere – A realistic lawn, ideal for gardens, patios, balconies, and indoors
  • Low Maintenance – Drainage holes and flexible back allow for easy cleaning
  • Pet Friendly – Soft fibres provide comfort for your pets

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| Unbeatable Quality

Ashdown Premium Realistic Astro Turf is quick and easy to lay, combined with a near zero shedding rate, giving this turf unbeatable quality.

| Eco-Friendly

Transform your outdoor space into a lush utopia and become the envy of your neighbourhood, whilst protecting our world with a planet-compatible product with an ultra-durable backing that prevents shedding of grass blades into the environment.

| Choosing your Pile Height

The pile height that you choose for your artificial lawn has an impact on both aesthetics and performance. It can affect three key areas: resilience, touch and aesthetics.

For high foot traffic areas, shorter pile heights (15mm / 20mm / 25mm) are recommended due to the resilient, shorter blades. As a general rule of thumb, the higher a pile height, the less resilient the grass will be.

The longer pile heights (30mm / 40mm) have far more flexibility and feel softer to the touch. We recommend these heights for areas that experience less foot traffic.

Some prefer the look of freshly cut grass and so tend to choose the shorter pile heights, whilst those who enjoy a softer touch turf will sway towards the longer piles. Whatever your choice, you can be sure Ashdown Premium Grass has the right turf for you.


  • Exceptionally tough PP SBR Latex backing
  • Enduring 15mm pile height
  • High density
  • 19,950 stitches per metre
  • Realistic 4 colours natural design

In The Box

  • Length of Ashdown Premium Realistic Artificial Grass as selected by you

| Natural Realism

Emulating the variations found in nature, the 15mm multi-layered colours and high density 19950 stitches per square metre reproduce the look and feel of real grass from any angle.

| Enduring Quality

A tough flexible backing that stands up to the rigours of everyday life. The SBR Latex PP-cloth bond is a robust platform engineered for maximum durability.

|Environmentally Friendly

Every blade of grass is double lock thermally fused to the backing forming a tight bond with outstanding durability. The grass blades will not shed into the local ecosystem, protecting the environment and prolonging the life of your new lawn.

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