Bohmer-AG i2500W – 2.0KW Petrol Inverter Generator


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  • 24 Month Warranty – free to call UK based technical support line
  • Low Emissions, Compatible with our Planet – featuring economy mode to automatically control the throttle, reducing fuel consumption
  • Copper Wound Motor – offering this portable camping generator unparalleled power and current stability
  • Featuring Pure Sine Wave Technology – giving uninterrupted power suitable for sensitive electronics & digital equipment
  • Your Power Supply – two 240V 3 pin UK plug outputs

With guaranteed expert support from Bohmer-AG qualified staff, you can purchase with confidence knowing that we’re here for you if you have any questions.

819 in stock (can be backordered)


Power to the People

When it comes to efficiency, Böhmer-AG is globally recognised as the go-to generator manufacturer. Decades of specialist generator design has been used to create this extensive, energy-conscious range boasting advanced safety features. With Böhmer-AG you can get prepared, to be prepared.

Compatible with our Planet

The i-2500W Stealth inverter portable camping generator has been designed with you and the planet in mind. Inverter generators reduce fuel consumption by up to 40% using advanced intelligent engine management, leading to reduced emissions. Economy mode setting reduces consumption even further when switched on.

Electronics Friendly, Pure and Simple

Devices such as smart phones and tablets require a steady source of energy to operate. With pure sine wave technology, you can charge your devices, run your laptop and power your larger appliances simultaneously.

A Brand You Can Trust

With expert support from Bohmer-AG qualified staff, we have your back should you have any questions.



  • 2000W Startup / 1800W Constant Output
  • 10 Hours (max) Run Time on a Single Tank of Fuel
  • Two AC 240V UK 3 Pin Plugs
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Economy Mode
  • Ultra Portable Design with Recoil Start Gen-III
  • Dimensions 390mm x 450mm x 440mm / Weight 22kg

In The Box

  • Böhmer-AG i-2500W
  • 1 x DC Charging Clamp
  • 1 x Spark Plug Tool
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Fuel Funnel
  • 1 x User Manual

Fill and Forget

Fill and forget with an excellent 10 hour continuous run time from a single tank of fuel.

In a Class of its Own

Just 22KG allowing ultra portability and 2000W performance from a quality Bohmer-AG copper wound motor. Just add oil and fuel, turn the switch on and then pull the Gen-III quick start recoil mechanism. These are designed to be easy to start with minimal fuss.

Safe and Sound

The advanced overload detection system will automatically shut down the power output whilst keeping the engine running in the event of a power overload. The low oil protection system will automatically protect your generator by cutting out the engine if your oil level is too low.

Customer Reviews

20 reviews for Bohmer-AG i2500W – 2.0KW Petrol Inverter Generator

  1. peter.j.smith

    Great little generator, easy to start runs well

  2. David J Cole

    I have not used it as yet, but very impressed with the speed of delivery

  3. Robert O’Rourke

    fantastic generator, good value for money and speedy delivery

  4. Rolf Schröder

    Alles in Ordnung

  5. Drew Aspinwall

    After a lot of research this Bohmer generator ticks all the buttons. Great for recreation, working away from main supply and emergency use. Well made, sturdy but easy to move and compact to store. Really fast dispatch from Union Mart. Highly recommended.

  6. Endter

    Sehr gutes Produkt. Startet leicht und läuft sehr gut.

  7. Jason C Lange

    Nice and light ,easy to prep the first time and hasslefree startup everytime therefor ideal for use out in the bush

  8. Fabio Gobbo

    Come già visto su altre recensioni c’è qualche difficoltà nel riavvio a caldo ma col trucchetto di dare un tiro con lo starter inserito e subito dopo un tiro senza starter parte bene.

    Conviene farlo girare qualche minuto a vuoto perchè inserendo subito il carico potrebbe spegnersi perchè freddo.
    Nel complesso molto buono, rumorosità non fastidiosa e vibrazioni contenute per un monocilindrico.
    CONSIGLIATO per l’ottimo rapporto prezzo/qualità di un generatore INVERTER. Tensione in uscita 231V molto stabile.
    Comprate una spina inglese seria e non gli adattatori per i telefonini!!!

  9. Andrew Manley

    Given the present uncertainties and past power outages we’ve suffered I wanted something as a back up for the freezer, fridge and computer. This seems to fit the bill. At 2kw its pretty light and can be moved easily. Starting was ok once I’ve figured out the choke (the instruction manual doesn’t seem to show this). The description as ‘stealth’ might be an overstatement – although relative to the generators I’ve used on our steam railway I can see why they’ve called it this. Its a similar amount of noise to a small petrol driven lawn mower – not the usual deafening racket you get from open framed generators ! I’ve housed mine in a metal shed with very good ventilation and both doors wide open. I tested the amount of CO and it was under 60ppm which is ok to nip in and out to switch it off. As far as I can tell its well built, and once warmed up you can switch in the economy mode which reduces the engine revs and decreases petrol consumption when not under full load. Haven’t tested it yet with a pc or laptop but as its a pure output it should be fine. You’re not going to power the whole house with this – but its powerful enough to keep the essentials going, which is all you need in an emergency. Oh and I managed to boil a kettle too which should keep spirits up if the worst happens !

  10. Ian McKenzie

    Excellent generator, lightweight and very easy to start. Good easy to follow instructions, well packaged and fast delivery. 


    Superb generator , lightweight , easy to start , not too noisy , great on fuel.
    Ran two tyre warmers all day and still had fuel left in the tank

  12. Greg

    Arrived day after ordering.

    Filled with oil and petrol and it started first pull.

    Light enough to lift by hand; plenty powerful enough to run a caravan or motorhome.

    It does exactly what it says on the tin.

    What more do you want?

  13. Evelyn Green

    Fantastic generator, great value for money and super fast next day delivery.

    Extremely happy with this item.

  14. Rick

    Very satisfied with the Generator,
    just the right power output for the weight, making it highly portable, and fully capable
    use with my portable Radio Station
    and associated
    Computer equipment.
    The inverter output being essential for sensitive

  15. Anthony (verified owner)

    Used this on a weekend away camping and was very impressed. Filled with oil and fuel , two pulls and away it went . Reasonably quiet and very fuel efficient. Definitely recommended for the above and also the sturdy build quality.

  16. Jedi

    Great customer service and a reliable, neat, fairly light, quite generator with fast delivery…..good value for money so far.

  17. Thomas Oakes

    Excellent product, use for my camper van. Great build quality, starts and runs smoothly every time.

  18. Colin jarvis

    Wow next day delivery.
    Oil fuel and away you go.
    Bought to replace hyundai hy2000i, brand new cheaper than repair
    Satisfied up to now thanks alot

  19. Kevin Shelley

    An incredible generator. Am amazed by the build quality and how smoothly it runs. After filling with oil (5w30) and fuel, it fired up on the first pull. Oh and it looks stunning as well. The free next day delivery by Parcel Force was the icing on the cake. Can’t recommend the i2500 highly enough. Cheers,

  20. kelvin richards

    delivered quickly . excellent generator . good value for money . well happy with this item .

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