Norse SK25i Electric Pressure Washer 363PSI / 25Bar


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  • 24 Month Warranty – We offer a 24-month warranty as well as UK based technicians and an expert technical customer service team on hand to assist with any queries
  • Multiple Accessories – A huge range of accessories come as standard with the SK25i saving you time and money straight out the box
  • Versatile – The pressure washer has the advantage of being able to draw from any standing water source
  • Lightweight – At 1.5KG with everything you need to get straight to work with this compact pressure washer
  • Bring The Power – Includes 20V lithium-ion battery, making it the ideal choice for home and away

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Norse SK25i Compact Pressure Washer

Norse pressure washer: A story of creation

In 2006, A small team of Engineers started with a vision; to challenge and innovate existing standards, bringing together traditional quality with contemporary design. Four core values maintain standards for customers and staff: Quality, innovation, delivery and attractive pricing.

The origin of design

In terms of the design, drawing on the skills embodied in a Nation renowned for their precision and craftsmanship, the Nørse design harmonises utility and function with unique artistry to deliver a range of unparalleled performance. Because of this, the Norse design is one of a kind and blows competitors away.

A Portable Powerhouse

Norse engineers have condensed the same technology found in their larger washers into a design that is highly functional, extraordinarily powerful and highly portable compact pressure washer. The stunning design houses the accessories you’ll need to get the job done with additional attachments allowing you to go further, saving you time.

Design. Heritage. Innovation

When design meets function, to bring the expertise and dedication of a team bound by shared beliefs, the result is always greater than the sum of its parts. Driven by a single goal of uncompromising performance, utilising custom technologies, quality materials and revolutionary ideas.





  • Type: Electric pressure washer
  • Working pressure: 23 BAR / 333 PSI
  • Max pressure: 25 BAR / 363 PSI
  • Maximum flow rate: 180 Litres / hour
  • Motor capacity: 250 Watt
  • Power supply voltage: 20 V Lithium Ion Battery
  • Area Cleaned (Square Metres per Hour): 20
  • Max input temperature: 40°

In The Box

  • SK25i pressure Washer
  • 1 x 20 V Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x Detergent bottle
  • 2 x Extension lance
  • 1 x 4-in-1 spray nozzle
  • 1 x 4 Metre Hose and Filter
  • 1 x Detergent bottle
  • 1 x Instruction manual

Draw From Standing Water

The SK25i removes all the limits. As well as attaching to a conventional mains supply with the included standard fit adapters, the SK25i has the advantage of being able to draw from any standing water source with its powerful suction and filter hose.

Bring The Power

The advanced eco-efficient tri-piston pump technology reduces noise and vibrations in an ultra-compact form. Being only 25cm tall and light at just 1.5KG making the SK25i portable.

You’ll Have a Blast

Up your efficiency with the foam cannon, covering large areas in ‘dirt destroying‘ detergent. The SK25i optimises performance by combining the powerful 20V quick-change battery with a cyclone turbo jet to produce constant high pressure.

Clean With Ease

Twin extension lances provide outstnading reach for the 4-in-1 nozzle, capable of wide and medium spray, a super effecient cyclone turbo jet to produce constant high pressure.

In The Box

This compact pressure washer comes with everything you need. A huge range of accessories come as standard, saving you time and money. Hose, filer and battery charger are also included.

Double Tap

The patented trigger control system allows for longer use for most cleaning tasks where extreme power is only a double click away. The pump is 50% more efficient at cleaning than similar systems and quicker to draw, self-priming from standing water in just 8 seconds.

Customer Reviews

43 reviews for Norse SK25i Electric Pressure Washer 363PSI / 25Bar

  1. Geoff

    I really love the quality of this pressure washer, it is ideal for washing the car and will not strip the paintwork which is a real plus. Only bought for cleaning the car but has already cleaned up my golf trolley for when we can get back out on the course.

  2. Mike Farmer

    I’m pleasantly surprised by the performance of this little cordless pressure washer. It’s easy to assemble, instructions are clear and the output is perfect for washing the car and general cleaning tasks. Despite its lower pressure and throughput than a mains powered machine this does a pretty good job of cleaning slabs too. The biggest benefit is that’s it’s completely portable, ie no trailing cables or pressure gun hoses to get tangled up with. Bottom line, well recommended!

  3. Nicholas Oni-Isibor

    I’ve bought and used a few electric pressure washers, there is none like this one, it really blow my mind, besides the elegant design, the machine is amazing, it really literally packs a punch, the performance is unforgettable!

  4. Ron

    A “little big” pressure washer that makes light work of those cleaning jobs where there is no mains water or electricity. It’s well made and comes with all the bits you need to make your cleaning task a formality.

  5. David Rolfe (verified owner)

    Just purchased SK25i ordered Wednesday afternoon arrived Thursday lunchtime used it for first time was really surprised at the power. Overcome the problem of hose pulling out of bucket by fixing with a small spring loaded cramp, also my Makita 18v batteries fit so giving me double the run time, all in all a very good buy.

  6. Robert mcculloch

    Good wee pressure washer,compact yet powerfull enough to get the green off the greenhouse 👍

  7. L

    Awesome! Very powerful and arrived very quickly. Great for cleaning bikes, cars and patio.

  8. John charnley

    Reviewed loads of battery power washers and is the best one well made compacted and light would definitely recommend it.

  9. Mike Boyles

    Quality item at a competitive price. Delivered promptly and well packaged. Looking forward to using

  10. maureen ann geoghan

    excellent product, cleaned patio and car, pressure was very good, instructions very good and the delivery was excellent, quickest I have ever received, would recommend both the product and the company most highly, thank you.

  11. G. Robinson

    I purchased the Norse SK 25i via Amazon as I have Prime membership.
    A brilliant, well made piece of kit with excellent accessories!
    I have at last had a chance to use it to clean my car, after weeks of foul weather. Well the wait was worth it!  Very easy to assemble and operate and light. I particularly liked the fact that the soap dispenser (included) takes “snow foam” which was an added bonus. Unlike some portable pressure washers I prefer to connect direct to my hose to save using a bucket.
    Very good instruction book.
    Overall I am very impressed with the price, quality of build, and versatility of the attachments included.

  12. Julie Ros

    The great thing about this is the quality and the Makita battery also work on them from my drill which will be fantastic for our motorhome 10/10 thank you norse.

  13. Krzysztof Kasperek

    Excellent product, very satisfied with it. Great quality and quick arrival

  14. Ian Harrison

    I have just purchased the Norse SK25i pressure washer.
    I first looked at the reviews on a few different brands of washers and the Norse SK25i seemed to receive the best comments.
    Very glad I opted for the Norse,the build quality seems really good and it’s quick and easy to assemble.
    The main purpose for the washer was to wash my car but thought I would also use it on my walk in shower and it worked a treat.Plenty enough pressure.
    Very pleased with my purchase.

  15. William Dixon

    Have purchased a few cordless power washers over the years, even from a large supermarket chain.

    I found this to be better than expected. From taking it from the box I was surprised at the weight of the machine: it is solidly built from the machine body to the soap bottle and lances.

    The fitting of the lances, couplings, are well made and a good fit with a locking screw.

    The operation of the machine is very good especially the soap/foam dispenser; which should be of a weak soloution.

    The power of the the machine is excellent, easily tackles the cleaning of vehicles and does well cleaning paths, on this dont expect a mains operated power washer result, be realistic.

    Overall, the performance is ..excellent, my only reserve is that the sucktion filter keeps popping out out of the water bucket, this can be easily rectified with a suitable weight, or use a mains water delivery.

    Battery performance is good a second would be beneficial for large areas, but one is adequate (fairly quick charge) for normal uses: car washing, paths, cycles etc. Overall, an excellent purchase!

  16. Mr Steven gray

    Really handy

    Easy to set up and use. The battery life seems good, I cleaned my car and bicycle without needing to charge. More powerful than I expected although not as powerful as a non portable pressure washer.

  17. bryanklewarne

    I have recently purchased this item through Amazon UK. I have used on the following Conservatory, Patio, Decking, Car and moss covered walls on my house. On each occasion it has been easy to operate and I am over the moon with the results. Highly recommended.p

  18. Michael

    Just received the Norse sk25i pressure washer tried it out on my fish pond filters done a brilliant job mutch better and more power than my previous one would recommend this to any one that requires one delivery was first class arrived within two days

  19. Lydia m smith

    Fast delivery norse ski 25 cordless pressure washer brilliant and easy to use even in a wheelchair

  20. Dr David Mackereth

    Great piece of kit …………. like that it can be used with a portable water supply such as a bucket or wheeled bowser as well as connect to a mains water supply via a hose …… saves the hassle of training power leads

  21. Tony Goodliffe

    Very pleased with purchase, quite powerful for battery washer, so easy to set up and use.Bought it for ease of use and it certainly is. Lighter than I thought it would be which is good. Easily adjustable nozzle to alter spray, cleaned path behind house well which dog uses. Will be light and handy for car , house sills etc. Recommend this product.

  22. Barbara Fowler

    Having tried an alternative brand which failed to even draw any water out of the bucket, I found this one on the internet.
    It arrived 2 days after ordering it; the battery charged up in less than 3 hours; the instruction booklet is comprehensive and clear; the assembly is super simple and it worked straight away. Couldn’t have been simpler. I’ve cleaned the mud off my car with it (3 minutes!) and have used it to clean the mud off my horse’s hooves. (Horse didn’t mind at all despite the fact that it was the first time he’d been introduced to anything with a motor other than a set of hair clippers!) Absolutely thrilled with it this product. It’s solid and feels really strong and robust. I’d recommend it to anyone. Very good value for money

  23. Angus Carmichael

    Very quick delivery.

  24. Derek Watters

    Really impressed with this Norse SKi 25 cordless pressure washer. Excellent quality and build. Works perfectly on my static caravan and car. Definitely recommended.

  25. Julie Marshall

    Amazing product! Was sceptical at first that a cordless machine could deliver the power, but I was really surprised! This machine is perfect for me. I live in a flat with no power or water source near where I park my car. This machine is perfect for me. Ample power to clean my car and my motorcycle. Love the way the pressure can be reduced so it doesn’t force water into chains and bearings, but can use the higher pressure to shift road grime.
    The shampoo cannon is perfect for applying snow foam to shift the traffic film.
    Money well spent!

  26. Mr Peter Mullins

    Great item and service

  27. Jerry Butcher

    I purchased this item recently to enable me to clean my motorhome. I keep it in a secured area where there is no mains water supply so I fill my aquaroll at home and take the water with me.
    I do have to say that the pressure available is not as good as a 230 volt cleaner. That is to be expected but that suits me not wanting to open any of the joints on the van.
    The washer appears to be well made and is sturdy. The attachments are easy to fit with tight joints. The supplied hose is about the right length.
    There only one drawback being the unavailability of spare batteries. I would have able to clean the van top to bottom, in one go, if I had had another battery. For this reason alone I gave the washer four stars.

  28. Berni Abbotts

    Great Machine. Does everything I wanted from it, cleaning paths, and covered arcade even use it for watering the garden and plants (at a suitable distance of course using source from water butt). Haven’t tried the car yet. But will soon.
    Four different jets are brilliant and easy to operate plus lightweight.

    Satisfaction guaranteed.

  29. fullerdesign

    Fantastic piece of kit  
    Very well made  A1
    I can see it being used for everything  So useful not being dependant on mains water
    J Fuller

  30. Sammy Doherty

    Got my pressure washer yesterday and assembled it and for curiosity I went out to try on my car. It was a wonderful piece of equipment saving me £10 a week at the car wash. My car, her car. Love it. Kids had fun too.Pays for itself in no time. Highly recommended.

  31. william griffiths

    Superb machine very easy to assemble.Very strong pressure,all four jets are so useful for different jobs.I love how light it is,but very sturdy and strong,Great engineering,definitely recommendit to family and friends.

  32. Jason Donoghue

    Great product backed up with a super fast delivery service. I don’t have power or a water supply in my back garden so this is perfect to snow foam and rinse off my R8. Pressure is great and the head unit is easy to handle by not being too heavy. Everything you need in one package!


    Just received my Norse sk25i battery operated pressure washer,it was delivered within two days of ordering,tried it out on my windows & washed my car down with it there was plenty of pressure to do the job,one bucket full did the car.I found it easy to assemble & find my way around the various nozzle positions.
    Over all i can recommend this product.

  34. graham williams

    great machine so compact. we have a wet room and we are both disabled. The water in this area a very heavy lime content which leaves stains on the tile grouting. not any more gets it all clean

  35. David lubran

    I bought this a couple of days ago to aid washing my caravan roof, it has a nice soft hose even under pressure.
    The foam bottle works well and you can turn it back to just water to rinse off the foam.
    I could not find any information about the approximate run time from a fully charged battery; and how long the battery was expected to take to fully re-charge.
    Still very happy with my purchase.

  36. Kevin Bourne

    I received my Norse sk25i pressure washer today and used it straight away it’s a brilliant piece of kit not noisy good power behind it and unbelievably lite and it does a good job at cleaning the car I highly recommend this power washer to anyone

  37. David lubran

    I bought this hand held cordless pump to aid me washing my caravan roof. It is nice light and easy to operate and no stiff hose coming up the ladder and getting in the way as with a conventional hose. The foam attachment is simple to operate and turn back to water to rinse of the foam.
    My only problem is it does not say how long the battery is expected to run approximately and how long the battery takes to charge from flat approximately.

  38. David lubran

    I bought this hand held cordless pump to aid me washing my caravan roof. It is nice light and easy to operate and no stiff hose coming up the ladder and getting in the way as with a conventional hose. The foam attachment is simple to operate and turn back to water to rinse of the foam.

  39. Ian Hunt

    Just what the doctor ordered. Good quality and compact.

  40. Grzegorz Krol

    Very good product.

  41. Mick Stocks

    Just purchased this as it looked so much better than the worx one and very glad I did. Much better build quality and includes more parts for less money. The soap bottle is brilliant for pre cleaning my van wheels. Excellent quality at a very good price. Fast service aswell. Top notch to you guys thank you.

  42. David Armstrong

    I am really pleased with this pressure washer as it more than exceeds my expectations and does exactly what hoped it would do. Well made and has good battery life. I chose it over similar cordless washers because it exceeded their specifications. Battery 2.5 A (others 2A). Water pressure 25 BAR (others 22 BAR). Flow rate 3L p.m (others 2L p.m). Fast despatch & delivery. Added bonus is that my Makita battery fits it too. It was never going to beat a mains washer but great for cleaning my cars and their intricate alloy wheels. Thanks

  43. norman cadman

    I bought this cordless washer to clean my lwb transit camper. In hindsight i wish i would have got the larger /more powerful model. But, it peformed well and the battery did not run out. I soaped with Tfr initially and used this to rinse off which it did admirably and the van came up well clean. the unit is a very well made strong product and the accessories are just as strong. it is so much easier than rinsing off with a bucket and jug as where i am parked no hosepipe is availiable. Well pleased with the product.

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