Röhr Mini-140PI MMA Inverter Welder 240V / 140amp DC


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  • 12-month warranty and free to call UK based technical support line
  • Euro torch with a scratch start system
  • Runs off a standard UK 3 pin 13 amp plug
  • Comes with lots of accessories – earth clamp, chipping hammer and wire brush
  • For experienced and DIY users alike with its intuitive design

Whether it’s aluminium bike frames or reviving your passion for steel sculpture, there’s a Röhr for the job and a Röhr for you!

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The MINI-140PI Gives you Röhr Quality

Exceed your Expectations

Röhr welders are built to last, with high-quality components that will ensure reliability for occasional or regular users. This MMA Inverter Welder uses the latest inverter technologies to dramatically reduce the overall footprint. Furthermore, the Inverter Welder dramatically reduces the power required to weld by increasing efficiency by 30%. Therefore, they produce a consistent power supply giving you the most stable welding arc.

The MMA Inverter Welder is Perfect for a Wide Variety of Welding

This MMA Inverter Welder is multi-use so you can weld low carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys

Dual “2-in-1” Portable Functionality

The Inverter Welder uses MMA Arc welding which is ideal for most welding needs and is specifically designed to be highly portable due to its ultra-lightweight design and shoulder strap. The unit produces neat welds that leave you in no doubt that this high-quality welder is designed by Röhr.


When it comes to designing and manufacturing Inverter Welders, Röhr has extensive, unparalleled knowledge. They combine breakthrough technologies to produce some of the most advanced and capable welding machines on the market.

Röhr welders are easy to use and perfectly suited to experienced and new users alike. You can carry out a huge range of welding including vehicles, fabrication, house maintenance or more unconventional work where specialist materials require more advanced features. Whether it’s aluminium bike frames or a revived passion for steel sculpture, there’s a Röhr for the job and a Röhr for you!


  • Runs off a Standard UK Plug 240V AC
  • Input Current 16a / Output Current 20a – 140a
  • Duty Cycle 60%
  • Transfer Efficiency over 85%
  • Frequency 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Power Factor 0.73
  • Insulation Grade F / Housing Protection Grade IP21
  • Working Voltage 24.3V / No-load Voltage 56V / No-load Loss 40W

In The Box

  • Rohr Mini-140PI Welder
  • MMA Stick Welding Clamp (2m cable)
  • Earthing Clamp (1.5m Cable)
  • Wire Brush
  • Long Reach Strap

The Latest IGBT Technology

IGBT is a bipolar transistor with an insulated gate electrode. This semi-conducting device is being increasingly used in power electronics because it combines the advantages of two transistor types: the easy controls of the field effect transistor and the fast switching and high breakdown voltage of the bipolar transistor. The IGBT also offers some robustness against short circuits because it limits the electrical continuity.

Featuring Hot Start

Hot Start automatically boosts the tension at the ignition of the arc, this function facilitates the electrical arc ignition. After ignition, the unit automatically returns to the pre-set voltage.


This function helps to prevent overheating of the electrode by switching off the welding current when the electrode sticks to the material.

MMA Arc Welding

MMA is electrode welding with a coated electrode.

Customer Reviews

8 reviews for Röhr Mini-140PI MMA Inverter Welder 240V / 140amp DC

  1. g.cowcher

    This is a very good little MMA inverter
    I purchased this to weld 2″x1/8″ flat bar frames
    with 1/2″ rebar supports (10 in all)
    using 2.5 electrodes
    2″long fillet welds x 4 and 6 rebar each frame
    did a very good job with out cutting out
    I’m a retired coded welder class 1 ASME 9 G6
    of 50 years experience

  2. michael.linsell

    Great universal welder, bought through Manomano.
    Full kit ready to weld away.
    Worthy ***** review.

  3. Tim Shaw

    This is ideal for the jobs I need doing,repairing gates, fences etc as well as making some tools for the garden, the mask that comes with it is a bit crap better to invest in a budget nod helmet. But apart from. That excellent

  4. Lisa Trevett

    Just received my welder. Great item, very sturdy, compact.

    Really pleased with it , great price and works really well.

    Exactly what I wanted.

    Great Customer Service too as I am had to contact, very swiftly dealt with

    Thank you highly recommended

  5. Jonathan Bell

    Great little welder!

    I ordered this and two days later I was using it in my shop.

    Does as it says perfectly and nice and compact to store away.

    Would highly recommend.


    I have just received my SMINI 140NI and am very impressed.  Even the cAse is sturdy and well made.  I cant wait to try it out.

  7. Symon Noble

    A very good wee welding set .
    I have been welding with rods  ( boatbuilder ) since 
    — 1975 ( yikes that’s a long time ago ) 
    No mig/ tig then ! 
    Retired ,,, but once welder always a welder so I bought this wee set for some jobs around the garage .
    Fantastic wee set , good stable arc , VERY easy to strike up ! Fully recommend ????

  8. Richard Thackstone

    brilliant service ordered wed and recieved fri .welder exceeded expectations.

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