Röhr DFX-150 Intelligent Battery Charger – 15 Amp 12V Smart Pulse Repair


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  • 12 Month Warranty – Free to Call UK Based Technical Support Line
  • Turbo and Trickle Charge – For charging the car, bike, boat, HGV or smaller battery units
  • Pulse Battery Repair / Maintain Technology – Your battery will last longer and you can repair batteries that no longer hold a charge
  • Weather Resistant – Designed for use in tricky situations
  • Automatic Easy to Use – Connect and charge with live progress reports from an LCD display

Whether it’s charging a motorbike battery or an HGV, there’s a Röhr for the job and a Röhr for you!

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| DFX-150 Intelligent Battery Charger

Röhr battery chargers are built to last, utilising high quality components and the latest technology to deliver an unparalleled performance. With advanced power circuit design, you get superior efficiency from a compact, light unit with an IP65 weather resistant body. This charger outputs a single-phase DC current and will charge nearly all leisure, automotive vehicle and domestic batteries.

| Charging With Confidence

Convenient, reliable and portable, with advanced circuit protection keeping your battery safe from surges and over-charging. Insulated heavy duty clamps ensures a safe and secure connection from the long reach 1 metre cables.


    • Input voltage: 240 V
    • Output voltage: 12 V
    • Charging Current: 15 A
    • Power: 220 W
    • Function: Charge
    • Battery type: AGM, GEL, WET
    • Charge type: 9 step
    • Overload/surge protection: Yes
    • Battery reconditioning: Yes
    • Housing grade: IP20
    • Weight: 1.2 (kg)
    • Dimensions: 215 x 185 x 80 mm

In The Box

  • 1 x Battery charger
  • 2 x 90cm Clamps (built in)
  • 1 x Instruction manual

| Nine Stage Charging

“Connect and forget” with full auto charging you can rely on. The advanced micro processor controlled nine stage cycle takes care of business and lets you know when it’s time to hit the road again.

| Overload and Surge Protection

Using the latest integrated circuit protection, charge with confidence knowing you and your battery are safe from the risk of over charging or power surges. Select the current and battery type manually or simply let the auto memory function remember where you left off.

DFX-150 Intelligent Battery Charger

| Pulse Battery Repair Technology

Older batteries can lose their ability to hold charge due to becoming sulfated. This charger features highly advanced pulse rectifier boost battery repair technology that actively repairs this damage. This battery restoration feature can get almost any battery back to full health.

Customer Reviews

8 reviews for Röhr DFX-150 Intelligent Battery Charger – 15 Amp 12V Smart Pulse Repair

  1. stevenpdonnelly

    Have just used the charger to repair charge a battery that had previously failed to fully charge and it worked – restored back to fully charged.

  2. jrhbt28

    Fantastic little car battery charger! charges and conditions/repairs your car battery automatically. Worth every penny! Love it!

  3. Tim Pledger

    Impressive. I’ve no regrets spending £75 on the DFX-150 and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality 12v battery charger.

  4. Peter Randall

    Excellent design to include the leads in the charger compartment. Does what it says on the box….easy to read display with all the information you need to assess your battery while the charger gets on with the job.


    Bought ROHR DFX-150 battery charger online which was delivered within 2 days of ordering. It’s compact sturdy and easy to understand the instruction for use. Already been used to revive my car that had been sitting on the driveway during this travel restrictions.

  6. Richard Game

    Rohr dfx 150 battery charger is a great piece of kit. Used it to repair and charge a totally dead lead acid battery and a low wet flooded battery in the same weekend. Covers most battery types so saves having two chargers for more than one type of battery. Instructions good and its easy to use.

  7. Wayne McCulloch

    product simple to use. battery charging car battery now

  8. Veselin Stefanov

    Great unit, very well build and do the job exactly how it’s supposed to!

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