Wilks-USA Himore Pressure Washer Pump


Pressure Washer Pump for 6.5Hp to 8.5Hp Petrol Engine (3700PSI – 4000PSI). Wilks-USA are dedicated to producing powerful pressure washers capable of whatever job you need to get done. Wilks-USA blow the competition out of the water and are known for their reliability and expert knowledge in the pressure washing industry.

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Destroy The Dirt With Powerful Precision

High Pressure Pump

Wilks-USA have been in the business for years and know what really matters when you use pressure washers on a daily basis. With that in mind, our pumps are made with cast alloy and brass fittings for superior durability.

Key Features

  • Engine Direct Drive
  • Anodized Crankcase
  • Forged Brass Cylinder
  • Built-in Pressure Unloader
  • Quick Connect Outlet
  • Thermal Relief Valve
 Turbo Rotary Ceramic Jet Nozzle – Wilks-USA

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