Rhino Electric Hoist Winch – Scaffold Gantry Garage Lifting Hoist 240V 750kg / 1500kg


  • Piece of Mind – 24 Month warranty and free to call UK based technical support line
  • Ultra Heavy Duty – Massive 1500KG vertical lift capacity
  • Safety First – Auto emergency break to protect your load from rollback
  • Easy Lift – Comes with 30 metres of anti-rotation steel cable
  • Genuine Rhino Hoist – Beware of cheap imitations

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Rhino Electric Hoist 750kg / 1500kg

Redefining Expectations

The Rhino Hoist is specially designed to lift massive loads vertically with its class-leading drive train technology. A unique alloy steel gearbox coupled with Rhino Winch’s tried and tested brushless motor, provides exceptional power and longevity whilst being extremely quiet.

Designed to Outperform Any Other Brand

Engineered for performance, efficiency and safety with an emphasis on ease of use with a 3-pin plug with additional crossbars allowing for maximum versatility.


Every Rhino winch is built to the highest specification, designed for serious off-roading, self-recovery and professional recovery specialists. Also, anyone who wants that extra peace of mind knowing that they have a Rhino to protect them if they get into trouble in their vehicle. Rhino is powerful industry leaders providing quality winches for ultimate recovery needs.

Rhino winches range from smaller 3,000lb models to 20,000lb units. Whether you’re looking to recover a quad bike, car, motorhome, boat or truck, Rhino has the power to get the job done!

When adventure calls we are the front line.


  • Massive 1500KG Vertical Load
  • Mult-Strand Steel Cable – 30m (98ft) of 7mm diameter with 19×7 core
  • Motor: 4.0kw, copper wound with cooling fan
  • Sealed Control Unit with Emergency Stop Button
  • Class-Leading Drive Train Technology
  • Lifting height: 100 metres
  • Rated single line lift: 1,653lb (750kg) at 12m
  • Power Supply: UK 3-Pin 240V / 50Hz

In The Box

  • Electric Hoist
  • Swivel hook
  • Crossbar
  • x2 Bar mounts
  • Set of fitting bolts
  • 30 metres galvanized steel cable (fitted)
  • Wired remote control (fitted)
  • 3-Pin UK plug (fitted)User manual

Huge Vertical Lift Capacity

The Rhino hoist has a competition-smashing rated vertical load of 1500KG making it one of the most powerful hoists on the market. It is designed so that it can be mounted both upright and upside down.

Unique Gearbox Technology

The high precision, alloy steel, two-piece gearbox guarantees reliability whilst being incredibly quiet.

Tough & Light Aluminum Housing

With exceptional heat dispersion built right into the chassis, naturally strong and lightweight with stainless reinforcement bars.

Versatile To Match Your Needs

With the large footing, this hoist can be used for standard or vertical mounting.

Extra Reach With Full Control

Complete with rotating locking hook and a massive 30 metres of multi-strand anti-rotation galvanized cable giving you extraordinary reach.

Auto Brake Technology

Featuring an auto brake safety feature to protect the load being lifted from roll back or dropping.

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