4D Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap


4D Carbon Fibre Vinyl. Flexible, easy to work with, with self-adhesive backing with bubble-free technology.



4D Bubble Free Carbon Fibre Vinyl

This 4D Bubble Free Carbon Fibre Vinyl is quality, durable and UV protected. It is purpose-made for vehicle application, surprisingly flexible, and easy to work with.
At 180 microns, this vinyl is thicker than most vinyl films available on the market, many of which are only intended for signwriting and between 50 and 120 microns.
This vinyl reflects light in the same way that real carbon fibre does, making it the best real-world alternative.
Now you can get the Carbon Fibre look without paying a fortune.

  • Self Adhesive backing with bubble free technology
  • Dry, lay-flat, easy installation.
  • Can be re-fitted, repositioned, and stretched
  • Stretchable with heat (hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Conforms easily to contours and bends
  • High temperature & water resistant
  • Install temperature: 60F to 80F (16C to 26C)
  • End use temperature: 5F to 201F (-20C to 91C)
  • Easily cleaned with soapy water
  • With correct application, this product has an extended outdoor life of 6-8 years
  • Full installation instructions are supplied with every order
Carbon Fibre Closeup

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