Röhr MAG & MIG 3 in 1 Welder – Gas/Gasless MIG-200MI-05


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This lightweight multi-function 3 in 1 welder is perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

The MIG-200MI-05 can be used as a gas MIG welder AND a gasless welder!

This welder featuring the latest inverter technology – giving you a compact unit with a low power consumption!

As a multi-purpose welder you can use this unit for welding magnesium, copper, steel & most of its alloys.

It features a whole host of accessories to make your next project as easy as possible.

Whether it’s aluminium bike frames or reviving your passion for steel sculpture, there’s a Röhr for the job and a Röhr for you!


Expected in stock: 22/04/2021



96 in stock (can be backordered)


Röhr MIG-200MI

When it comes to designing and manufacturing welders, Röhr have extensive, unparalleled knowledge. They combine breakthrough technologies to produce some of the most advanced and capable welding machines on the market.

Röhr welders are easy to use and perfectly suited to experienced and new users alike. You can carry out a huge range of welding including vehicle’s, fabrication, house maintenance or more unconventional work where specialist materials require more advanced features. Whether it’s aluminium bike frames or a revived passion for steel sculpture, there’s a Röhr for the job and a Röhr for you!


  • Frequency (HZ): 50/60
  • Power Voltage (V): Single Phase AC 240V±15%
  • Input Current (A): 21
  • Output Current (A): 5-250
  • Duty Cycle (%): 60
  • No-Load Voltage (V): 56
  • Efficiency (%): 85
  • Power Factor: 0.93
  • AC Pulse Duty (%): 20-80
  • Arc Current (A): 5-200
  • Insulation Grade: H
  • Housing Protection Grade: IP21

In The Box

  • 1 x Welder Unit
  • 1 x Stick-Weld Armature
  • 1 x TIG-Weld Armature
  • 1 x Earthing Clamp
  • 1 x Welding Mask & Glass
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x 3x Ceramic Cups, 2x Brass Collets, 1x Blue Collar
  • 1 x Black Gun Cap
  • 1 x Accessory Bag
  • 1 x User Manual

The Latest IGBT Technology

IGBT is a bipolar transistor with an insulated gate electrode. This semi-conducting device is being increasingly used in power electronics because it combines the advantages of two transistor types: the easy controls of the field effect transistor and the fast switching and high breakdown voltage of the bipolar transistor. The IGBT also offers some robustness against short circuits because it limits the electrical continuity.

MIG / MAG Welding

MIG is used for welding materials such as magnesium, copper and other non-ferrous materials and their alloys. MAG on the other hand, is suitable for steel, structural steel and most of its alloys. Thus, great welding seams can be briskly and efficiently manufactured with different thicknesses, ensuring that material distortion is kept to a minimum.

Flexible Welding and Stepless Feed

This unit features a stepless wire feed system so you can focus all of your attention on your weld. Also it’s highly portable design allows for use wherever you need it.

Customer Reviews

29 reviews for Röhr MAG & MIG 3 in 1 Welder – Gas/Gasless MIG-200MI-05

  1. alex.macdonald2

    My first welder.  Seems nicely designed and works well.  Currently spot welding thin body panels on VW T4.  

  2. T25

    I have used and owned transformer mig welders for over 30 years and I work as a fabricator in a classic car restoration company. I decide to try this inverter mig welder to use for my own projects at home. I am very impressed with the arc stability and steady wire feed. The fine settings are a bonus with the inverter and enable accurate settings. The Euro torch supplied is extremely flexible with no apparent wire juddering . The welder is quite lightweight (compared to transformer welder).
    I can’t really fault this welder (although I was sceptical initially) and I doubt very much if I would return to using a transformer mig welder again.
    My only very small gripe is that I would have preffered to have a length of gas pipe and a few more spare tips/ shrouds in place of the supplied welding shield and wire brush!!

  3. Dave Brine

    Need to replace my old stick welder, that had finally died. Decided to get a combined Arc Mig welder as I wanted to be able to weld thin sheet steel as well as thick plate.
    Item received in less than 24 hours from ordering in a very strong box, can’t fault the service.
    First job was to repair a fire pit (10mm plate base with scaffold tube legs) no problems at all. My old welder would have struggled.
    Tried out the mig after watching a few YouTube videos, took a few goes to get feed speed right but once setup so easy to produce good weld. Overall, very good machine for the price. only bad item was the mask supplied which is only good for watching someone weld, but I have my own auto darkening mask, so no problem.

  4. Rob Salmon

    The welder looks good and is a quality piece of equipment. I have not had time to use it yet but being a rohr I have no doubt it will be fine for my use. The mask glass was broken upon arrival but one email rectified that with the quick delivery of a new one. Great customer service.

  5. Sara Richardson

    Great seller, arrived quickly and really happy with the welder! Thanks Sara

  6. simon sinkinson

    very good welder

  7. Brian Lindhurst

    A great quality welding machine easy to use
    for home use and trade use alike.
    quick delivery and very well packed.

    Great all round service.

  8. Mark Barton

    Bought a MIG200 after checking as many on line reviews as possible. This appeared to be the best combined MIG/TIG/ARC that runs on a 13 amp plug.
    Have bought a £30 gas regulator and rented an argon gas bottle. So far have used half the gas and about 3kg of a 5kg reel of mild steel 0.8 wire.
    This is my return to welding after a 30 year break. When I stopped all those years ago I had trained and earned city & guilds certs for arc and oxy acetylene which took months to learn. Within an hour of picking up the torch of the 200 I was welding like a pro! A fantastic piece of kit. Doing stuff that I wouldn’t have dreamed of attempting with oxy acetylene. Already earned it’s price many times over.

  9. Bill Henson

    Haven’t used it yet, but looks an excellent, well made machine 

  10. David Buckley

    Bought the Rohr mag &mig 3 in 1 200 ML-05 and have to say it’s fantastic.I have never welded before but found it very easy to use.It never once blew the 13 amp fuse and I was welding 4/5mm steel to make a large running gate. The quality of the mig is excellent The only thing is the instructions are a bit short.Unionmart it’s self are a great company to deal with and the delivery time was excellent.So I would highly recommend both the mig and company to anyone 

  11. Gary Norris

    I was looking for an Inverter MIG Gassless welder for some time, which was compact and easy to use.
    I ordered the ROHR 200Mi through Amazon UK which surprisingly arrived really quickly the next day from Union Mark UK and was very well packaged.
    I first tried the MIG Gassless, setting the wire speed and the power to about 4 or 5 each for sheet panel welding, it did a good weld.
    Using gas for the MIG will improve the weld further I’m sure.
    Overall I’m really pleased with the product and the supplier Union Mark UK.

  12. Dan whitworth

    Fantastic mig plant great for mobile use very light compared to my previous machines , great build quiality and price can’t go wrong 

  13. Tony R

    I’m a novice welder and after some research I went for this one.

    It arrived early, very well packaged and in pristine condition. The quality of engineering is great and for a novice, it is easy to use.

    I had a few initial questions and contacted the supplier directly. They responded very quickly and answered all of my questions well.

    I really like this equipment and am looking forward to using it more to improve my welding.

  14. C Cook

    I purchased this welder to carry out some sill repairs on my sons car. It had been a couple of years sinceI had done any mig welding but within seconds it all came back to me, the welder was fantastic, easy to set up and use. I would highly recommend this unit.

  15. Russel P

    Superb welding plant, have had several different ones in past, this one rates as number one. Easy to use and good control

  16. MikesMGC

    I am using this welder to do some repairs on an MGC project and also to make a car rotisserie where I will use the electrode stick welder side of the Rohr. I used it today to start on the car rotisserie using 50x50x3mm steel box and it worked very well. Plenty of power and easy to use machine which I am looking forward to use more often over the coming months.

  17. Sam Trent

    The quality for the price is better than expected . Purchased to do work on a an old British leyland classic car with the usual rust floor pans cills and the rest. Not tried it yet but after looking at the reviews already I decided that it was the best budget welde4 you can buy. The item was well packaged and dispatched fast .

  18. Mark Vernon

    This is a fantastic machine it’s very easy to setup use and produces a very nice welds even when being used by a very in experienced user. The best welder I’ve ever used

  19. Les

    What a great little welder.It has a good power range and is so easy to use,also to set up.It works extremely well using gas too. I have used it to weld 1mm plate up to 5mm with no problem whatsoever,and it has not overheated on me yet. I only wish I had found this welder 12 months ago before I bought my last one.

  20. Daniel Convery

    My Sealy mighty mig packed up on me, got this and am amazed at the difference. For the first-time I’m doing proper welds with great penetration, easy to set up and feels really professional. Looking forward to developing my skills with this powerful little welder

  21. Edward Wise

    Very quick delivery, very easy to set up and use, less than half the price of the equivalent Jasic model, highly recommend.

  22. D Addison

    Great welder to use, wire feed is very smooth, used it to weld 5mm steel which is did with ease

  23. m s braybrooke

    Great welder. Used it right out of the box, wire speed control is excellent as is the power.

  24. Stephen Layton

    Great little welder works very well

  25. Colin

    Top product… delivery earlier than estimated which was good…. definitely recommend

  26. Andrew

    Did everything required

  27. A. Mccoy

    have used now for a while and used up 3 rolls of 0.45kg gassless wire and havn’t had any issues. good wire feed and adjustable settings. Took a little while to get the settings dialed in but once that was done it worked well.

  28. Duncan C.

    After some research, I found this welding machine to be the best all rounder with good reviews, and priced well. I was not disappointed on receipt, its easy to use with clear instructions. I’m a first time welder, and was working away, having loads of fun in no time!

  29. Steve Peat

    I have been stick welding for years and as my old welder has eventually given up the ghost I figured it was time to try welding with a mig. Not wanting to just buy a mig, just in case I couldn’t get on with it, I looked around and found this one. It’s a stick and mig welder in one. I thought I could try the mig and if I wasn’t impressed I could revert to the stick. Well, I must say I am very impressed with this machine the mig is a doddle to use and welds beautifully. The stick is as you would presume, is a stick welder. Brilliant piece of kit and I just wish I had looked at mig welders years ago. Well, no I don’t really, because if I had looked at mig welders years ago I wouldn’t have looked at this.
    Very easy to set up, very easy to use and produces some beautiful welds.

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